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Von Miller Unplugged: Spending gameday with an Aggie legend

October 21, 2011

The legendary Aggie linebacker granted TexAgs exclusive access to his pre-game activities in his return to Kyle Field as honorary captain for the Baylor game. Follow Miller's morning in this unique video production.
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Von Miller Unplugged: Spending gameday with an Aggie legend

We've decided to make this free so that Von can put it on his website or his agent's website, and so that Aggies from all over can enjoy this. So do us a favor and Tweet, share on Facebook and e-mail this link to any Aggie fans that you know.

LINK: http://texags.com/Stories/3275

Our thanks to Von and his agent, Carmen, for being so willing to let us throw a mic on Von and do an on-field interview before the game! I don't think I know anyone who loves Aggieland more than Von Miller. He was an absolute pleasure dealing with as a student and again on Saturday. The guy just gets it!
that was great.

Love the mic'd up idea. You should try more of that.
that's the ugliest shirt i've ever seen
Von Miller! Blue star for you, sir! He's an awesome ambassador for our university! Thanks for sharing the video -
Wow! Love that guy! Hell of a good Ag!
That was awesome. Inspiring! Will be required viewing for all three of my sons.

Thank you Von Miller!
Von is the man
that's the ugliest shirt i've ever seen

Awesome video.
Von is an amazing guy and every Ag should be thrilled to have him "out there" telling the story for us!
Great stuff!
Von is awesome! Every "knuckle head" that comes into the program should watch this video to see how great a person they could become!
Awesome awesome awesome. Great to see how easy he takes it all in.
I love that he's been watching the team and paying attention to the little things enough to tell the guys they need to anticipate the snap count better.
This is one of the best things I have seen on texags. I love Von for embracing A&M. I truly believe that all A&M football players need to do this. Football is played with so much emotion and your passion for the school can give you that chip on your shoulder.
Von is awesome!
Just awesome.
the guy is a class act, I can see why he was drafted so high
...I WANT VON BACK!!!!!!!!
Great Guy!
Von Freaking Miller!
Great ambassador for A&M.
You can see the pride he has for his university in this whole video.

Gig 'em Von!
the baylor kid lol
What a class act. Great representative for the Ags. Thanks and Gig 'Em Von!
Von freak'n Miller! What a great Aggie. I hope we see him around campus for years to come.

I missed that while finishing up a few on Northgate. Wish I would have known I would have actually shown up early.
Love the mic'd up idea. You should try more of that.

We do! We just don't make them all free. We're doing more and more of this stuff ... such as Sights & Sounds from practices, Terrence Murphy's "Aggieland Bucket List" segments, etc.
Good to know Coach D. still has his stuff in his locker for him.
Von is awesome.
Von is a great ambassador for our great university! I appreciate him so much and pray that he has a wonderful NFL career, and life afterward.
Chillin' Chillin' ...

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