TexAgs Films presents: SEC Ready (Official Trailer)

May 30, 2014

2010. A time when the foundation of conference alignment cracked. Instability and uncertainty arose to the forefront of the collegiate football landscape. Some questioned, many doubted...would Texas A&M be SEC Ready?
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TexAgs Films presents: SEC Ready (Official Trailer)


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whoa! can't wait!
so much crow to be eaten by so many people
whoa! can't wait!

...yes, but for what? a TexAgs production? ESPN 30/30?
WHEN!! that was an amazing trailer. ready for the show!
I cannot wait

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I had forgotten about the BDF...
I confess watching scenes from our last TAMU-tu game made mad, but other than that, the trailer looks good.

Can't wait for the movie.

To 1,000,000 touchdowns ...and beyond
We want moar..........!!!!!!!!!!
Great stuff!
I was expecting something great at the end of that video. Now I see that it's a trailer for what comes next. I see.....

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s l i v e r !
Just curious, when is the movie's release date?

To 1,000,000 touchdowns ...and beyond
Better than porn
Looks pretty good. I think any CFB might enjoy watching it.

Looks awesome!!!!
This reminded me of how vexing Mark May is, I'm terribly vexed.
Love this!
When is the whole video going to be out?
I keep throwing money at my screen, but the video isn't coming up. Do I need to try a credit card?
That video is so 2012.

What happened next? Did we go to a bowl game? Did Johnny win a Heisman? Can Sumlin recruit? How is Mack Brown doing? What happens next?
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