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November 19, 2013
Aggie Flashback with Hugh McElroy
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Key quotes from Hugh McElroy

"I thought I wanted to go to Ohio State for school my junior year. It was decided for me that I might want to consider A&M."

"Getting to speak with players that committed to Texas A&M because of what I was able to do, was definitely humbling."

"Playing LSU brings back memories and I'm looking forward to us kicking butt this weekend."

"[LSU and A&M] could be one of the SEC's greatest rivalries"

"If [Johnny Manziel] acted the way people wanted him to off the field, he wouldn't be the same player on the field."

"If we had the season we had last year, in the Big 12, we wouldn't be having the kind of conversation we're having now. And we sure wouldn't be talking about a possible second Heisman trophy winner."
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