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November 13, 2013
QB guru George Whitfield, Jr. opens up on Manziel
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Key quotes from George Whitfield, Jr. interview

"About 2 years ago, we got a call from Manziel's mom. We weren't going to take any more guys, but she kept calling."

"Johnny came to me wanting help controlling the football. He knew he could do everything else."

"Johnny let me know he didn't come out to California for anything else besides improving his game and he was in it 100%."

"Manziel was so self-aware of what he needed to improve on. He would even shadow drills of other players to improve."

"Manziel is so much better in the pocket this year. That comes from Coach Sumlin and Spavital trying to keep him inside."

"Everyone knew teams would focus on keeping Manziel in the pocket. We tried to develop a comfort there because of that."

"Manziel is ready for the next stage. There are QBs starting in the NFL who are still being developed. He's ready."

"People in the NFL know Manziel is not a finished product, but he is on the right track."

"I, like all the Aggies, am hoping that this isn't his final year to play college ball. But he's ready for the NFL." 

"Manziel is the best player in the game. A&M has two tough losses, but he will have a chance at the Heisman if he beats LSU."

"Manziel and I talk before pretty much every game. I tell him that A&M doesn't need Superman, they need Johnny Manziel." 

"Manziel is one of the most intriguing pupils I have ever had. He's just different. His temperature never really alters." 

"Living in his world, it would be easy to yo-yo up and down, but Johnny is almost always on the same level regardless."
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