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Kevin Sumlin
Gabe Bock  -  Preparation for the Aggies' final regular-season game, the health of the roster, the defense, Speedy Noil and more were on the docket during Tuesday's media session, with a few snippets rising above the rest.
Beau Holder  -  One game awaits for Texas A&M — a final chance to flavor a season of ups and downs with a victory over an old foe. Kevin Sumlin, his coordinators and the Aggie players broke down LSU and what's left on Tuesday.
Brice Jones  -  Heading down the stretch in a recruitment as devoutly followed as any other, the state's top 2015 LB took in Aggieland once more with a set of questions on his mind. With answers in hand, only one thing remains.
Billy Liucci  -  Whatever second chance the Aggies afforded their season with the Auburn win, they then squandered. A final look begins with a defense that found a new level of defenseless in the game's most pivotal moments.
TexAgs Studios  -  One game remains in an up-and-down season — at home, against an SEC foe. Following Saturday's 34-27 defeat under the same circumstances, the Aggies met the media to break down what needs to be fixed.
Gabe Bock  -  From preparing for Maty Mauk and Missouri's spread to Kyle Allen's newfound leadership and the season's final stretch, the Aggie coaches had plenty to discuss after a resounding upset victory against Auburn.
Beau Holder  -  The Aggies don't have much time to bask in their season-saving win with a familiar foe's visit to Kyle Field next on the docket. On Tuesday the coaches and players shared what changed and how to maintain it.
Billy Liucci  -  A team that was maligned for weeks and looked to be falling apart found inspiration within and pulled off a win nothing short of stunning. In the first part of a comprehensive recap, Liucci begins with leadership.
Olin Buchanan  -  This is what we've all been waiting for, is it not? Everything Texas A&M had been missing for the last month — effort, intensity, execution — returned in impressive fashion in a victory over the nation's No. 3 team.
TexAgs Studios  -  Texas A&M proved the nation wrong in a 41-38 victory in Jordan-Hare Stadium, stunningly reversing several week's worth of decline. Making sense of it after the game was the Aggies' head man and his team leaders.
Olin Buchanan  -  Some are quick to argue Kevin Sumlin's program has set a bad precedent in Year 3. But would they be as quick to act on it? In spite of Texas A&M's so-called fall this season there is reason for patience — and hope.
Gabe Bock  -  With the season's stretch run underway, Kyle Allen's first start, the Aggies' youth on defense and, of course, Auburn and Nick Marshall dominated the conversation during A&M's weekly meeting with the media.
Beau Holder  -  The Aggies' most daunting remaining tasks looms and a great deal of uncertainty about the team's direction remains. Kevin Sumlin and his coordinators broke down their feelings on the team's progress on Tuesday.
Billy Liucci  -  Who are these Aggies? In the span of time since the South Carolina victory, A&M has unraveled and taken with it the program identity Kevin Sumlin cultivated. Even after Saturday's win, fears and doubts linger.
TexAgs Studios  -  A new quarterback, a new uniform combination and a new purpose to play for characterized the Aggies' showing on Saturday. Kevin Sumlin and his players met the media afterward to discuss the takeaways.
Billy Liucci  -  TexAgs football analyst Billy Liucci has the very latest on the developing story regarding who will start for the Aggies at quarterback Saturday against ULM. Kyle Allen has surged. Is he the guy? Liucci explains.
Olin Buchanan  -  A team that rose to No. 6 and once looked a year ahead of schedule now seems to have set itself back a full decade. But are things that dire at A&M? Four remaining games will determine more than just this season.
Billy Liucci  -  Texas A&M reached the end of its most grueling stretch of the season, but without its pride intact. Three key games remain; Liucci breaks down what to expect. Meanwhile, the recruiting trail takes on added import.
Olin Buchanan  -  None quite know what the lineup will look like when the Aggies take the field on Saturday, nor what the game's outcome will ultimately mean. Kevin Sumlin has made this much clear: every spot will be earned.
Gabe Bock  -  "Change" is the operative word in Aggieland these days, from fan message boards to media gatherings. But what is appropriate change, exactly? The A&M coaches gave their frank takes during Tuesday's discussion.
Beau Holder  -  Texas A&M's bye week is complete; the stretch run to the season's end begins with a breather against Louisiana-Monroe on Saturday. The Aggie coaches and team leaders focused on what lies ahead on Tuesday.
Billy Liucci  -  A long look in the mirror and a long period of work and reflection await the Aggies, who returned to College Station humiliated by the Tide. Overhauls must be made before the present situation becomes untenable.
Beau Holder  -  More questions than answers linger around Kyle Field these days, but a bye may bring the respite needed to examine A&M's next course of action. The Aggie coaches shared their reflections and plans on Tuesday.
Billy Liucci  -  Saturday's embarrassment is made more painful by the implications it carries. A program seemingly building toward competing on a consistent basis with the SEC's kings fell apart. What happens next will be key.
Olin Buchanan  -  It was stunning. It was embarrassing. It was ... in keeping with a concerning trend. If there's anything that came out of Saturday's wreckage, it was a hint at which parts of the team need to be examined in a hurry.
TexAgs Studios  -  Is there anything not under scrutiny at this point? Following Saturday's game Kevin Sumlin and his players reacted to the thrashing in Tuscaloosa, one that seems to have real potential to unravel A&M's season.
Billy Liucci  -  The Aggies and Tide have fought two brutal, thrilling battles since A&M's entrance into the SEC. Both enter the game searching for an identity — and how well they recover in recent problem areas will tell the story.
Beau Holder  -  The Aggies need answers in a hurry with a sobering stretch behind them and a familiar foe awaiting at the week's end. A&M's coaches and players gave an assessment of what's next in Tuesday's press conference.
Billy Liucci  -  'Exposed' just doesn't cover how far the Aggies have fallen in a mere 10 days. After putting up less than a fight at home in a supposed redemption game, the program has questions to face and little time to do it.
Brice Jones  -  The 2016 Westfield receiver, long desiring to be an Aggie, finally ended the formalities on Saturday with his verbal pledge to Kevin Sumlin's program. One set of factors in particular made his decision an easy one.
Olin Buchanan  -  The score failed to reflect how helpless Texas A&M looked and its fans felt when third-ranked Ole Miss got to business on Kyle Field. The Aggies may be on their way to contention in the West, but they're not ready yet.
TexAgs Studios  -  Saturday's beating at Ole Miss' hands left fans and observers with a winding list of questions that A&M must answer in a hurry. Attempting to tackle them after the game were Kevin Sumlin and several of his players.
Brice Jones  -  Blanketed in speculation, the remaining few spots in the 2015 class wait to be filled by some combination of the remaining targets on the staff's board. Who, and in what order? The factors at play are straightforward.
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