Clear Picture of the No-Call at the end

Clean block my ass.

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"An A-Bomb, From A-Rod"
WOW words for that words for that
I can't look at that without getting pissed off.
Nice pic.
Oh wow...
#1 seeds get the calls........
Wow... nice pic...
wow that's a good picture. Nobody could argue that isn't a foul
damn those refs

"An A-Bomb, From A-Rod"
That even worse than I thought! They Have to call that!!!!
I would rather us have missed the shot than see THAT..That is DISGUSTING....CBS wins again.
I didn't realize he had his shooting elbow with his palm.

That's pretty dang bad!!!!!!
Neat. He's actually being fouled by 2 people.
I'm just so ****ing pissed off right now
What's the matter guys?...Cat got your tongue?
Fry, Fry, Bueller, Bueller, Anyone, Anyone?

Oh,...that's right...the refs aren't going to make that call at the end...just let 'em play...right?


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bull-ship no-call

that is unbelieveable bull****. that is the shot you are expected to make without a foul call against ucla in anaheim.
wow it didn't look that bad from the other side, sad part is, A REF WAS STANDING RIGHT NEAR THAT PHOTOGRAPHER TOO!
He's fouled twice in that picture. UCLA also gets their body on him to push him to the ground after that pic.
All of you that say the refs weren't apart of this loss look at these pics and tell me if you still feel the same way.
this goes out to all you ****ers who are saying "please stop whining about the refs" UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sloan and the team should seriously sign that picture and send each one of those idiot refs a copy of it.
It's okay Ags, we're supposed to let it go. Some other Ags said this is how it's supposed to work when you're playing a #1 seed. Nothing to see here.
Dayyyuuuummmm. FOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Refs need still shot pictures.
Well, I stand corrected. Even though I still don't blame the loss on this one thing, a picture is worth a 1000 words, and this is no exception.
Well you could tell that he got hit pretty hard, because his body went straight back.
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