Richard Colvin Cox - missing West Point Cadet in 1950

I was watching a show on Military Channel and/or H2 the other day about West Point and some of its mysteries, traditions and such.

They mentioned a cadet who left his dorm in 1950 and just completely disappeared, never to be heard from again.

Anyone know much about this case?

I understand there is a book on it called Oblivion that I might read.
Sounds like half my fish buddies who punched.
yea but this guy was never seen again, even by family and friends, supposedly...
I seem to recall that there was good reason to suspect murder in his case.

Wiki entry

On a slightly related note, has this case made the media anywhere else? A 31-year-old LT from Cannon AFB (just across the Texas border in New Mexico) is AWOL. No indications at present as to if he is intentionally gone, a victim of foul play, ??????
weird story

I feel bad for any kid whose parents name them "Dick Cox" now a days.
the show made it sound like he had left USMA and joined the CIA.
Back in the late 50's there was a TV program called: The West Point Story.

Many cadet pranks and unusual situations were reenacted, but don't recall this particular incident featured.

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