Difference between PING G20 & I20 irons & woods??

Amy thoughts? TIA
If I remember correctly, and assuming they are the same differences as the G15 and I15, the G line is game improvement and the I line is the "tour" line.
Buy Pings if you want to hit your irons 10 yards shorter.
Yeah, Bubba is leaving lots of yards on the table.
You really want to compare your game or any other amateur to the longest player on tour?
Edited b/c arguing on the internet is dumb. What does it matter...

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If I remember correctly, and assuming they are the same differences as the G15 and I15, the G line is game improvement and the I line is the "tour" line

This is partially correct.

G Series is for Super Game Improvement - Very large soles...thick topline...a good amount of offset...everything that a beginnning golfer would need...Very forgiving...Some use on Tour (See K.J. Choi...a few times)

I Series - Targeted towards the mid to low handicappers...progressive offset...thinner topline...thinner soles than the G series...Less forgiving than G series, but more workable...Some use on Tour (See Mark Wilson - i20 ; Lee Westwood - i10).

S Series - Targeted toward low handicappers only...minimal offset...very thin topline...blade-like soles...less forgiving than the I Series...Most use on Tour (See Hunter Mahan - s56 ; Bubba Watson - s58 I think)

Lastly, AgInMass...your blanket statement regarding the loss of ten (10) yards may be one of the most ill-informed posts I've seen on here in a while, based on a sample size of one (1).
Why is my statement ill-informed? Are you making an assumption about why I made the statement? You have no idea how I came to that conclusion. I'll agree agruing on the intertron is stupid.
I have i20's in my bag right now and I can attest that they are the sweetest irons I've played. They are actually a bit longer than my previous set, (I'm trying to get the distances dialed in still). More importantly the sweet spot on the i20's is massive. I went from a blade to the i20's and the difference is crazy. I almost feel guilty hitting a ball off center and then watching it fly as if I had struck it pure.

I've never hit the g20s because the heads are just too oversized for my eye.

i20's look great at address, although the offset was slightly irritating at first. Now, I love the offset when I'm taking 3i off the tee.

I would rate the i20 irons 10/10.

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Show me Iron Byron statistics and I'll retract my statement. Otherwise, I stand by what I posted.

There are so many factors (shaft length, loft, shaft, shaft flex....etc.) that go into such a statement that it truly is an ill-informed declarative statement.
You're right. I'm "ill-informed." Better?
can you quantify your statement?
What's the point? Regardless of why I came to that conclusion, others will argue different and no one will change their mind, especially the Ping poster boy.
AgProg, that was meant for jj. I'll clarify a little more. I have nothing against Ping in general. I used to play the eye 2s. It was statement about the 20 series.
Bubba Watson - s58 I think

bubba plays s59 irons. i had a set...didn't like them.
OldSchoolBrother...I'm with you there.

The S series are hard (for me) to hit consistently.

I looked up a WITB for Bubba and find this to be very interesting:

PING 703 Gold Grips (+1/32") with (+12 wraps under the left hand, +10 under the right hand).

That's a LOT of grip tape.

That's a LOT of grip tape.

Have you seen his fingers? He has a insanely long hands/fingers.
Ping wrote the friggin book on games improvement clubs...putters, irons and woods

they are a true golf engineering company
....and secondly a marketing machine

some other brands are ALL MARKETING FIRST, and follow the leader in their club design
oh yeah...and jj9000 explained the difference
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