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Custom Home Build - 1st time - financing and advice questions

Currently have 5 ac lot - purchased for $137,500, paid $27,500 down (20%), owe $110,000 (loan via CFC)

Plan to build custom home in 2013 or 2014

Had builder look at plans similar to what we want, got estimate of $120 per sqft, but planning on $150 (home 3000ish sqft)

New home build, plus pool/landscaping/septic (water and elec in place), plus roll in land note ($110K) = estimate of $650-$750K total cost (outside possibility of pushing this to around $800K with upgrades and appliances)

Beginning Jan or Feb 2013, will have down payment funds equal to about 15% of estimated total cost (in any of the aforementioned "total cost" scenarios)

Based on online mortgage calculators, mortgage to gross monthly income ratio will be less than 20%

DTI 18% without new house and land, 35% with new house and land (declining to 14/31% by 2015, and 6/24% by 2017)

Waiting until 2014-15 puts us above 20% down, with less debt...making things a lot easier from a financing standpoint, but expecting new addition to family and would like to get into new house (in the same town as my job) ASAP.

1. Any loan products for jumbo loan, 10-15% down? Can't predict rates a year from now, but current rates with excellent credit?

2. Do I qualify for FHA 1x close loan?

3. Plan on approaching architects later this year, should I start now? I have already pre-selected 2 or 3 and have years of home idea pics and plans.

4. Considerations for first time custom home build? (i.e. "I wish I'd known then what I know now?")

5. Probable builder is a trusted friend who has extensive residential and commercial building experience. Close friend = lower estimate for build (elsewhere, probably $200 per sqft). What things should I ask him, look for, insist on, be wary of? On one hand, I like knowing my builder personally. On the other hand, I am wary of the old adage, "Don't do business with friends or family." Advice?

Would appreciate any insights or recommendations you can offer.

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Can't help with all your questions, but can help with #2. The answer is no, most counties limit your base loan on FHA to 271,050. Not sure what county you are looking in but could tell you, you will definitely exceed the limit, for any FHA financing.

FHA one time close site was a little confusing.
Where are you building the home?

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Kerr Co.
Thanks for the replies.

Another question...

How soon should I get serious with a lender re: the financial game plan and time table.

After I have architectural plans? After I have down payment funds in early 2013?
As a builder myself, I have always passed on working for personal friends. Building a new homes always, even with smooth projects, will have some stress involved that will put strains on a friendship.

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