Gary Blair talks Auburn victory, traveling to Georgia and more

Gary Blair talks Auburn victory, traveling to Georgia and more
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I have noticed here recently that Blair has talked about each one of the 5 starters except for Pratcher. In this interview he spoke on everyones progress except for Pratcher as well. I think she handles the offense well and she has also paid her dues. She has handled his decision making when it comes to her starting and not starting as well as her PT very well. She has been the most consistant player in the past 4 years of anyone but yet she still doesn't get any props. I don't get it, she may not be Aqua,Colson,Carter, or Standish but I think that she has done an amazing job maintaining her composure and dealing with adversity from all angles. She is a SR this year and I think she has done a great job of trying to be the PG that is needed. Over the past 4 or 5 games she has played in a major part of the offense as well as created for her teammates throughtout the year.

Agreed, Cleaves, that she has worked hard and made a great improvement in her game this year. One question: the only time I remember seeing you post is when you go on the defensive for her. Are you a relative?
I don't really like posting anything.. I just like reading them. Every now and then I will post something if I feel there is a need to speak up about something that I have noticed and no one else has mentioned. For the most part I don't have to post anything because the frequent people that post are always on top of their game and I like that. The answer to your question is; YES, I am a relative and am so PROUD of her. Thanks for asking.
Cleaves1...good post, and I also agree with you.
Pratch has been steady and is having a good senior year.

She is smart and represents herself, her team and TAMU very well. She is not flashy or vocal, but does her job and does it well. I respect good team players who are good Aggies...she has been one of my favorites!
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