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Okay, Ags. I really don't need that kind of stress right now. But a W is a W. All the best to everyone.
ok, enough for me
Yes sir!
oops----let me be the 4th to respond!

Football SCOREBOARD!!!!

84 W
85 W
86 W
87 W
88 W
89 W
91 W
92 W
93 W
94 W
97 W
99 W
06 W
and the tu pwnage begins again!!!!

No. 6 Texas A&M pounds Texas, Durant

2007 Sweet 16

Baseball SCOREBOARD!!!!

Aggies Win 2007 Regional!!!

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Yes, Ranger and for sure we did not see them quit.
Yes, sir.

Gig 'Em
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Wow, I didnt see who that was.

Gig 'em. Keep up the good work!

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It sure is, Mr. Secretary.
in honor of this thread i'm wearing my Ranger65 shirt the rest of the night
Keep up the good work in DC!
A Win is a Win !
Stress free!
Glad to see you're still with us, Dr Gates!
gig em
Good to hear from you sir! Hope to see you in Aggieland again soon.
page 1....and keep up the good work sir...
Thank you, Dr. Gates! We miss you locally, but love you nationally. Thank you for your continued service.
We sure could use your support from the sidelines, Dr. Gates! And that office is just how you left it...
Keep up the awesome work Dr. Gates!

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I posted on a thread started by a high ranking government official.
Gig 'em ranger65
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