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Is it legal??????? (OU / Bomar scandal reported on TexAgs - 7 months ago)

I ill try to be as discrete as possible, because i din't want to implicate someone and then get sued. My girlfriend works in the office of a large dealership where we live. She has only been there about a month, and she was dealing with handing out payroll checks. She didn't recognize several of the names, and asked her boss. Her boos told her that she would take care of them, and that it was no big deal. She thought it was fishy and asked me....the checks were made out to football players of the local University, and even though they had never actually been to work there, they were recieving HUGE!!!! pay checks. On top of this a player was in buying a car recently, and when she say the finance stuff, he had only paid about 1/100th of the sticker price. Is this legal?

Note from TexAgs Staff:

I had the fortunate opportunity to speak with aggiegrant06 Sunday over the phone. Please allow me to clear up a misunderstanding:

Neither aggiegrant06 nor his girlfriend had anything to do with blowing the whistle on OU regarding the NCAA violations described in this thread. Apparently, because there were numerous individuals aware of these activities and because the activities were done so “out in the open”, their involvement was not necessary.

This fact, of course, seems troubling for OU with regard to who knew what when, but more importantly, in the context of this thread, the view that aggiegrant06 is the David that slayed the OU giant is somewhat misplaced. Instead, he’s the guy that knew of this year’s biggest college sports scandal a full 6 months in advance – and that’s cool enough in my book.

So, let’s enjoy this story for what it is, another fascinating example of why we say: “TexAgs.com – We know stuff.” Although in this case, we just didn’t believe it.

-Brandon '95

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dude go away.

i hope your ip address gets banned.

Let me get this straight she didnt recognize the names but knew they were football players....riggggggght. Wouldnt you think it would be better for a paper trail to not give out a regular check and perhaps just pay cash?? idiot.

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Your an ***hole. I was posting because I didn't know what the rules were. It is a true story, and I don't live in Texas.
Hell yea that's illegal.

Why would you even think that could be legal?!
what state do you live in?

please say Louisiana!
To clarify, she had heard the names but did not recognize them. She asked me if I had ever heard of them, and I told her they were football players.
Why is everyone getting angry with me for posting that one of our rivals is paying off players?
1) you didnt name the school

2) your story is 99.9% bullsh(i)t
Was it a common name that more than one person has? Maybe it was something close to an OU football player, and she subconsciously told you the wrong name.

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You and your thread are completely stupid.
I am not lying, and I am not bull****ting. The school is OU, and the specific player is Bomar.
If you're going to make accusations about people, you need to have pictures of the documents mentioned. Otherwise it'll be perceived as hearsay.
tell your gf to take pics from her cell and post it here.

oh yeah, post pics of your gf also if she's hot
Document. Document. Document.
I am not lying, and I am not bull****ting. The school is OU, and the specific player is Bomar.

since you initially said checks to players and mentioned another player that was into buy a car (funny how she didnt recognize the other names but knows for sure this one was a football player...there are at least 3 players....funny how the story changed to
the specific player is Bomar.
The story did not change, I just figured that no one cares abot a third string lineman, and a walkon.

Why is everyone on here such a skeptic. This is rediculous. I guess unless you are posting pictures of hot girls, posts about our "great" players, or nutting your pants over what new unproven recruit we might get your post and you are just an idiot.

Why is everyone on here such a skeptic

Well, we're skeptical because:

1) You haven't posted any evidence.

2) You didn't have any clue that this was illegal.

3) You went to TexAgs instead of reporting it to the authorities, the NCAA, and major media outside of Oklahoma.

If you were smart, you'd gather as much documentation as possible about the transactions, and then take it to the Dallas Morning News or Kansas City Star.

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I would guess that while this may be against ncaa regulations, asking my g/f to post pictures of other peoples paychecks would get her and I in trouble. I posted all of this earlier to see what you all though (as in was this just common in college athletics), but I think it has gone too far. I believe my girlfriend if she says that her employer is acting as a (friend of the program(from blue chips)). I would appreciate it if everyone just dropped this because I am not going to change anyone's mind and this has just gotten out of hand.
Who owes this boy an apology?

Fish Pond Manager step aside!!!
whoa... that's a shame we couldn't have leaked this to press right after football season... the sh*t would have def hit the fan then!
Wow. Too many people on this site are just vicious for no reason. I'd like to see some apologies here too - and maybe a little more restraint on the part of the general population on just slamming everybody and everything. i understand skepticism in this case, but the level of bashing here was unwarranted and just retarded.
Unbelievable! The scandal first broke on Texags.

did you just happen to remember seeing this post, or did you just stumble across it while doing a search?
that's crazy!!!!!--shoulda listened to the guy!!!
It was pointed out on AO by somebody with a long memory and some prominence on these boards.

You all can tell'em you heard it here first on TexAgs!
good find

I had to edit this just to let you know that im on the first page...2 times!!!

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Is this thread for real?
WatchOle found it.
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