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Aggie Flashback with A&M legend Ed Simonini

Aggie Flashback with A&M legend Ed Simonini
One of my all time favorite players.
That '75 defense was in a league by itself..unmatched.
Got to meet Ed at our Muster. Great speaker and a very passionate man.
I remember the joy and intensity he displayed from the time he came out of the locker room on game day.
Great Interview!! It brought back the best of memories. I remember the introduction of the recruits at Jolly Rolly my Fish year. I can still see the recruits coming out at half-time of the game. We sang the War Hymn as they sawed horn’s off. My recollection is that the rule was changed on bringing recruits to games for that type of show shortly afterwards.

The ’72 recruiting class ought to go down as the greatest class that A&M has ever had; especially when you compare the recruits with performance on the field and the later NFL draft.

P.S. For those that were there --- Ed Simoniniiiiiiiiii on the tackle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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