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Okay, I get that TopSzn is the regime.

And that its regime approved, but how exactly does one pronounce TopSzn?
Top Season
Can someone translate into late 30s English?
I'm with you STX.
Can someone translate into late 30s English?

Glad I'm not the only one.
Still can't figure out wtf it means.
It's the words that aren't said that you should be listening for
is this gang related?
Its a strain of cannabis.

I'm still like wtf? Maybe they'll talk about it on modern family and give context clues so i can figure it out.

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Please be a troll and really not that much of fairy
For the olds, and thanks to Kanye's following for helping where OP does not.

I see a lot of people in Drake's crew like OVORyan and some others posting with the hashtag #TOPSZN. So what exactly is TOPSZN?

Also, who is OB O'Brien and what's his connection to Drake?

Been asked before. Topszn is a weed that ob o'brien and ovoryan smoke. Instagram.
Which came first topszn or regime?
Oh wow.
We called it "hemp" in my day.
If true, not a good thing
This might be one of the funniest OP's I have seen on TexAgs...
I don't really give a s*** what it means, I was just talking with some olds the other day trying to give examples of why millenials are retarded, but it's tough when you can't even pronounce the retarded stuff they come up with.

On second thought, maybe this is evidence of the genius of it.....

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As someone who has never listened to "Drake" is it really life changing stuff?
AustinAg2013 gif

Next hand signal we see them using on the field for play-calling?
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