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UPDATE! Short film teaser...

UPDATE... This short film will be released FOR FREE tomorrow morning. Stay tuned...

Here is a quick teaser of our mini documentary "Johnny Manziel, Dragon Slayer".



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Can we say Academy Award Documentary?
Could stay three more years.

You never know.

From the horse's mouth.

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And so it begins......
rolled up blue jeans on the beach?
I was expecting a battle with a actual dragon.
Three more years at A&M???

Ohhh Hail Yayahhh!! Make it so my dude!!!!
Might as well be soft pron... I'll sleep well tonight.
Johnny Tease?
Man that is great work with the camera... Did y'all shoot all that yourself?
very nice!
That was really cool, but

and maybe I've seen 1 too many surf videos

my expectation is for it to continue with JFF's career in surfing.

Me likey
Hair way way too puffy would not start.
Maybe JFF wants to go down in history as the greatest college football player in history. 50 wins, 20,000 yards, 200 TDs, Heismans, National Titles ... that would be a nice career.
How long is the full version?
"I could stay three more years at A&M..."

I just went from six to midnight
Can we say Academy Award Documentary?

Johnny Oscar?
Teaser but if he does stay, we are in for some great football, national championships and more heismans
If he stays through his senior year, he'll be the first safety taken in the 2016 draft.

Book it.
The Weeknd
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