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Kenric McNeal talks Manziel, the 2012 season and the future

Kenric McNeal talks Manziel, the 2012 season and the future
*"Malcolme Kennedy, Sabian Holmes, and Derel Walker will be big receivers next season. The second team of receivers last season could have gone anywhere in the country and started. "

Hope he is right
It is very frustrating to try and listen to the audio, only to have it re-boot every 3 seconds. I have no idea what "media player" I'm using. Eh, it's a me problem.
WOWW!! The comments are the single best, most exciting, group of comments I've seen from any of the interviews to date.

And THAT says a lot!

thanks for sharing with us, and the very best of luck to our Aggie brother, Mr. McNeal.

He is one class act!
Great interview. Kenric made some clutch grabs this season and I truly enjoyed watching him get his hands on the ball. Very Best Wishes for him ahead! Gig'em!
Can't wait to hear this when I get home
What a classy young man
I can tell his momma raised him well. Good role model for his younger siblings. Wish him the best in the draft, hope he can earn his way on a team.
Great interview and best of luck to McNeal. I know he'll be successful at whatever path he chooses.
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