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Johnny Manziel meets with reporters at halftime of A&M vs. UF

Johnny Manziel meets with reporters at halftime of A&M vs. UF
Johnny just gets press conferences for showing up at sporting events now?
He is good with the press, no doubt about it. Great rep for Texas A&M.

Damn what a pro haha
Wow! He just continues to blow me away with how mature and poised he is. I'm also pleased mostly with the way he responded to the AD's attempt to reign him in somewhat.

He's still keeping his carefree college kid attitude on display and not becoming a heisman-robot automaton. Hope he continues to push the envelope just a bit- he's smart enough to handle it.

Oh, and what a leader! Loved the part about continuing to play with a chip on their shoulder. A&M still has a lot to prove, and if we slip up next year everyone will quickly revert to "I told ya so" and "one year wonder" comments.

It really grates on me also this talk from Bama- they have so many excuses and keep talking as if they figured us out and dominated the last 3 quarters. In reality, they dominated the 2nd quarter only, and came up with two huge passing plays on defensive breakdowns in the last 8 minutes. Which was repelled by one INT not allowed and another INT following.

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Well done JFF!
Well done JFF!
How'd he afford to go to that game?!?!
thanks Gabe.
does Hyman know about this?
love me some jff
During the interview he said he was at the Walter Camp awards last weekend so I checked their website. Lots of pictures with Johnny in them. He represents A&M so well.
He comes across as completely honest and genuine, you have to like that.
Let Johnny be Johnny. He could be another Joe Namath or Bobby Layne type player. Nobody ever changed either one of them and they were pretty damn good throughout college and long pro careers. Fun loving off field, deadly QB's on it.
Quite frankly, I have never seen even an NFL veteran handle an interview that well.
JFF is solid as a rock.
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