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CNN's Roland Martin talks A&M football, Manziel, Sumlin, Te'o & more

CNN's Roland Martin discusses A&M football, Manziel & more
hey, some A&M stuff on an A&M football site. Yeah me.
good interview, enjoyed hearing his take on the manti teo scandal

To 1,000,000 touchdowns ...and beyond
Only thing I would disagree with, that he seemed to omit was a HUGE reason we left the Big12. The longhorns and their insistence on having a hand in everything, the lhn, the fact that NU, CU, Mizzou, and us had a lot of the same reasons and it was part, but not only about money.
I was hoping you would ask him which bait that he used to win his last Bass Master Classic.
Great interview, but when I always hear the name Roland Martin, I always think of the angler that has his TV show.
Isn't this guy the raging Democrat that always acts like a dick?

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Good interview and comments. Thanks for posting!
I would also argue that the league is much more watered down than the last time the big 12 won number two out of five. we had some absolutely great teams that were loaded with talent from 91 to 94. playing the rices and smu's prepared us as much as tcu, tech and tu prepared k-state for Oregon.

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I will say that I agree with the man that we were good this year because of our coaches and players and not simply because we're in the SEC. but the SEC undoubtedly made us better and will continue to do so in the future
He is one of many nationally famous A&M journalism graduates. Too bad A&N ended the program. That decision will hurt A&M once Roland's generation passes on.
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