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Cotton Bowl chairman w/ eye-opening info. on selection process

Cotton Bowl chairman w/ eye-opening info. on selection process
The horns are scared, plain and simple.
Great interview
LSU, or maybe Georgia, is going to kill the horns almost as bad as we would have.
Poooooooooooor t-sips!
"What's in YOUR conference?"
Sounds to me like the Cotton Bowl think we are going to Cap One
The sips are going to be embarrassed no matter what they do. There's no where to run, no where to hide for them. They are going to reap it over the next decade or two. The texas university football Dark Ages has begun.
We are going to Cap One Bowl. Get your tickets and Disney World passes.
The feel of this interview was a little more tense than the talk with the Cap One guy. For the Cotton Bowl chief to admit the bad blood in a formal open forum is a huge sign that Texas IS trying to avoid a matchup with A&M.

You know bowl deals are being struck as we speak. I'm confident that we will beat whomever we play.

I can't wait!!!
This interview with a Cotton Bowl official proves that there are still discussions by UT and its 9 minions about how "to get" A&M for joining the SEC and ruining their plans for running the conference while getting money and benefits as if they were an independent.

The fact that the Texas vs. TCU game on Thanksgiving night was not well-attended, did not produce much crowd appeal for those who did go to the game, and did not get the same high television ratings as the old Texas A&M vs. Texas games is only proof of how much the Aggies leaving has hurt DeLost Dodds' attempt to control the football world in Texas and the Big XII-2-1+1-1+1.

Gig 'em, Aggies, and Go SEC!

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I will take this as confirmation that the sips don't want to play us. oh well...I would much rather go to Disney World anyway!
Que the "he mad!" picture of Deloss!!
Them "private conversations" with Dodds ain't so private if the Cotton Bowl admits they've taken place. 40 Acres will NOT be happy that little bit got out...

Sabreman '92

Does anyone know what the tv ratings were for the tu/tcu game on Thanksgiving night? Would like to compare that rating vs the game last year.
Gabe forgot to ask if the Longhorn Network broadcasting the Cotton Bowl is part of the discussions with Deloss Dodds and his empire. After all the only things that matter to Texas is it's branding and money. Everything else is details.

Personally I hope if Texas is the team A&M has the balls to say we're not playing those *******s ever unless it's on our terms. Walk out of the room.
Spin coming to an ESPN segment soon.....
Ratings for a Texas versus Texas A&M game at the Cotton Bowl would be very large.
Ratings for a Texas versus Texas A&M game at the Cotton Bowl would be very large.

...within the state of Texas...outside of the state the only interest is around our story this year
Wow, Gabe basically got him to admit on air that the t-sips have told the Cotton Bowl not to invite them if A&M is invited.

See, I was right after all. http://texags.com/main/forum.reply.asp?topic_id=2214158&page=1&forum_id=5
I love watching DeLoss and his band of woosies spiral down the drain of irrelevancy.
Personally I'd love to see a TAMU vs. tu Cotton Bowl but I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep if it doesn't happen.
Your athletic dept secks when they deliberately have 'private conversations' with any bowl WELL IN ADVANCE OF BOWL INVITES in order to prevent any single match-up.

TUCK FEXAS. whorns down forever.
I WANT THE COTTON BOWL, even though I hate that stadium. I want scoreboard on them...
If we truly want to gain national recognition and separate ourselves from our past shadows, then we need to play teams from around the nation, not the same teams we've been playing. We chose to move out on our own. Nobody on a national scale gives a rip if we go back and pound t.u. But, trample on a Michigan, a Florida State, a Southern Cal, et al, and people around the nation begin to recognize who we are. Texas has had that advantage for decades. Now, we have our chance. We gained lots of attention by beating Bama. Now we need some more big scalps.
Dr. Mike gets it!
Unfortunaltely, when you look at the rankings and the way teams are selected, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY for us to play a higher ranked team than us. I was hoping to knock another team down a few notches and once again show the world why we are top 10.

I would, however, LOVE to play in the Cotton Bowl against t.u. (or anyone else) simply because it is close enough that I will be able to go.
"There is a lot of bad blood" over A&M right now?

I think it's not so much the bad blood as it is the pee in the pants. If there is any possible way DeLoss' season could get any worse, it's if they play A&M.

They know it. He knows it. His team knows it.
Sorry, playing Texas in the Cotton would be great and much better than Michigan. I'm sure there are tu and Aggies that don't want the game, but Most do.

Hope the Cotton Bowl gets the opportunity.

BTHO tu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good analogy, ag.
When you guys talk about great nationally appealing match ups in reference to the Cap One bowl, you realize your almost certainly talking about Michigan, right?

Michigan sucks out loud and everyone in the country knows it. There is scarcely little to gain in playing this rust belt plodder save a trip to Disney World.

The Big XII is the second best conference this season along with the PAC 12. Now that BCS is out, the Cotton Bowl offers our most appealing match up. That is simply reality.
tu sucks, nothting to do with them forever as far as I'm concerned and especially this year in a no win situation, i.e., beating an 8-4 team means nothing nationally. Beating Michigan is a statement nationally, no matter what their record.
Dr. Mike
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