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Sound Off: National names on the legend of Johnny Football

Sound Off: National names on the legend of Johnny Football
Great video, Clay!
Another great Texags video!
Great video
Very nice.
I love the "unstaged" Heisman pose! Can you believe this might happen?
Excellent! Everyone needs to be getting this out in the social media.
Kellen Winslow said it best. It's like Johnny has the ability to see what the defense is going to do before it even happens. Such an amazing talent.
The fact that Johnny is a freshman (athletically) makes his accomplishments that much more remarkable. He played in 39 quarters (not complete quarters at that), leaving 11 quarters (nearly three full games) that he was a spectator on the bench. Had he played all 48 quarters, can you imagine what his number would have been like? I'm sorry, but there is no other NCAA Division I player who even comes close. Manti Te'o is a great defensive player, but his stats aren't even close to the best in the nation. Any voter who is honest has to vote for Manziel.
I did a quick comparison the stats of Manti Te'o and those of Dat Nguyen......Manti's stats are not up to Dat level. I'm not even sure Manti's name would be mentioned if he attended school anywhere other than Notre Dame (no disrespect intended)
Give it to him.
Good Job...... Again!!
I was hoping that SOMEONE would beat nd just so you guys could get a shot at them in a bowl game......
Go JFF!!!

Maybe TAMU should have an NCAA Super Bowl after the College NC is determined. We play ND, winner awarded the Heisman, if the committee has doubts. No disrespect to those voting, but this AG and most of America views Manziel as "light years" ahead of the his closest competitor. Former Heisman winners, ESPN, Yahoo "must see" video, the blizzard sweeping America about him, everybody now knows him.

Too, the playoff in College FB cannot get here quick enough. TAMU would beat any team in America as of now, with Manziel at QB. Just ask Alabama!! Our two losses were early and we are 16 yards out from the goal in the LSU game from playing ND for the NC this year.
Has someone captured that Heisman pose at the end? Awesome!!!

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