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Gino Torretta ('92 Heisman winner) shares take on Manziel

Gino Torretta gives his take on Johnny Manziel, 2012 Heisman race
Awesome interview.
Thank you, Gino. Thank you.

And you, too Gabe.
Met Gino and some other Heisman winners behind Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater. Funny dude and busted on my roommate from ATM left and right it was hilarious.
C'mon Gabe. You might as well have called him Henrietta
Sharp mind and great content in what he said, I'm impressed by Mr. Torreta
Always liked Gino. Nice job.
Tarkenton was my favorite to watch as a kid, and I agree that Johnny reminds me more of him far more than any of the other guys that he's been compared to.
Awesome interview! It's always interesting to hear what former Heisman players think of the present day talent. Gino brings a unique perspective to the table.
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