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Johnny Manziel: Top 12 Plays of 2012

Johnny Manziel: Top 12 Plays of 2012
Did his first touchdown pass against Florida make honorable mention?
God I love this site!
Holy damn that was a bad as$ video!
Well done!
Outstanding piece of work, TexAgs. Any way you can attach this at the end under Honorable Mention? This is the defining moment of revelation into the No Quit heart of a champion.


We can remember other great QBs throwing great passes. Performing pretzel scrambles and big runs, but we have never seen a QB on any level chase down a runner from behind on a long run, cause 1 fumble and tackle 2 carriers in one play.

Sheer determination.

Blessed to just be a part of a feature like this! So awesome! Great job, Clay and Co.
So awesome! That giant run against La Tech is still my favorite.

"Johnny Football! Tryin to put an end to it!"
surprised not to see the 3rd and long to Evans @ Ole Miss while on the goal line. While a lucky pass, it did save our season.

The date is said wrong in the "Blew by you Bengal" video. The intro states that it was October 13th, but it was the 20th.
the three play series at Ole Miss should be in this listing
Thanks for ruining my day. I'm now starting to get sad thinking about life without JFF.
#10 - The "circle run" against Arkansas.
I call this one the "fish hook run". The pattern he runs looks just like a fish hook.
Love this video.

HOWEVER, JF made WAY too many plays to narrow it down to 12. I know I couldn't do it. The chase-down-avoid blocker-tackle-strip-fumble-tackle play he made was just one of many that could be included. Hell, he made at least 12 plays that would be in anyone's highlight reel in the Alabama game alone, and most of the others.

What an amazing player, what an amazing year.
I wish he had made the PAT. That could've been included.
The catch by Kennedy was awesome. Should have been called PI on the db.
By far the best video work y'all have done. Very nice.
One billion thumbs up. Best video ever! Great job!
Pretty awesome!

A.D. Achilefu c/o '02
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