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Kellen Winslow talks Mizzou, SEC, realignment, Johnny Football

Kellen Winslow talks Mizzou, SEC, realignment, Johnny Football
loved the interview!

interesting story about how coryell came up with the 2 TE set...wish you guys had more time to talk about the old chargers. they were way ahead of their time with what they were doing on offense...their d sucked but offense was amazing!

awesome job with the interview!
My 2 favorite TE of all time are Dave Casper and Kellen Winslow. Of course, Kellen broke the mold of the TE being just another Tackle to block. Winslow was basically a skilled-up big body Wide Receiver. He didn't even start playing football until he was a senior in high school, ala Mike Evans. When he evolved in Air Coryell's system, he was just a mismatch all over the field and just fun to watch. Air Coryell was a glimpse into the future of football as it is today, spread the field, timing, rhythm, motion.
More Kellen Winslow, Sr. Less KW, Jr.
Great interview! Liked hearing about his break down of AD resposibilities and goals.
Great interview and one of the most impressive guests ever!!
Awesome! This is a great interview from a source with college football credibility.

Gig 'em, Aggies! Go, Johnny, Go!!!
Great interview, Winslow was great but when I think of the Chargers and Air Coryell, Rod Bernstine always come to my mind. He has to be placed right there with Kellen Sr. Thanks for the free content Gabe.
Are you thinking Broncos?
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