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1on1: Ryan Swope reflects before final home game

Exclusive: Ryan Swope reflects before final home game
Man, Ryan, you are going to leave a big ole hole in Aggie hearts when you leave. I'm so proud of your determination to give it that mythical 110% every week. Good luck!
Ryan Swope is a true leader, nothing but class!
I've been watching Aggie football since 1960 and my favorite player is Swope.
Some of the most memorable plays Swope made, IMO, are when he never touched the ball. The guy's made some hellacious blocks. He's an unselfish player and the definition of a complete football player.

By all accounts, Swope has also been an incredible mentor for JFF and some of the younger players. He's a leader.

Gig 'Em
Reload is friggin old!

Just kiddin army, I agree the guy is an animal.
Gig em, Ryan!
great interview, Gabe. Thanks and Gig 'em, Swope.
Ryan, you're my favorite A&M receiver of all time, even if you do have turrible alabama swirl hurr. I recommend a mow-hawk for the NFL. BTHO mizzou!!
Great career, kid! Here's to continued success in the NFL. We'll miss you.
Thanks for being such a great Aggie, Ryan. You're tremendous level of play has brought a lot of joy and pride to this old Ag.

I wish nothing but the best for you and your family in the future. Gig' Em!

Ryan, we have so much respect and appreciation for you as a player and as an all around good guy. In my opinion, you are one of the irreplaceable ones. You'll be missed. Good luck!
All the best!
Toughest player since Mike DeNiro and Larry Stegent, Bill Hobbs, and Harvey Ashenbeck!
Gig 'em Swope. Thanks for the heart and energy.
Gig 'em, Swope! Loved watching you on the field!
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