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I snuck onto Bryant Denny Stadium

Before the game I walked down to the field level. For those who have been to Bryant Dennt Stadium know it has a wrought iron fence that allows fans access to the field level while still being separated from the players, coaches and media. As I watched the Ags warm up the stadium video screens began showing 'the drive' video, which was Bama's drive against LSU to win the weekend before. The stadium is going nuts and everyone (including the security guards) are watching. At that time I jumped the wrought iron fence. Luckily I was wearing my Aggie sideline polo, so I looked almost identical to the coaching staff. Once in the clear, I figured I looked like an equipment manager more than a coach/player/media, so I tried to stay close to those guys until kickoff. I spent the next 3.5 hours in Heaven (Ags sideline)..

I saw KK on the sidelines pre kickoff, I made sure to introduce myself. Next I noticed John David Crow and President Loftin. I made sure to say hello and take a picture. As the game started, I found myself standing next to Gene Stallings and other Board of Regent members. Billy if you remember telling someone, ‘you can tell if the field goal is good or bad from the crowd first’ that was me. At halftime I made way towards the locker room (but couldn’t gain access). If you recorded the game you will see me running off the field behind Sumlin with :03 left in the half. I also talked with Sumlin for a brief second after he got interviewed with Tracy from CBS. Watched the 2nd half on the Ags sideline. Got busted by a security guard with 4 minutes left in the game. At that point I was escorted back to my seat where I watched the rest of the game from the seats. It was the best day of my Aggie life. Gig Em.

Edit to show halftime pic (pg 7):

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Awesome! Page one!
Allsum story , but what sup with those pants ?
You sir, will be a legend
Well done sir. Well done.

How did you get busted?
Wow. Cool
Well done!
wow, that is crazy.
You have lived the dream...
The one where you're running off the field at halftime is hilarious. You're grinning so hard! Hahaha
Aggies do not lie,..... blah, blah, blah
Well done!!!!
How come you're not wearing your AdiZero gloves?
That's kinda creepy ... in a stalkerish kind of way
Blue Star for you. That is awesome!
Well played!
that's pretty damn cool man! pagino juano!

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Must have felt like being in heaven!
So clutch!!!!!
Well played!
Page Juan
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