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How Did Johnny Manziel become JFF?

Explain please.
He was BORN JFF.
How did the sun become hot?
But why not JM (Johnny Manziel) or JF (Johnny Football)? What does JFF stand for?
Only kid I know who wasnt born a virgin.
Johnny "Tori Black pays him for sex" Manziel
you foreal doe?
heres a cliff notes version as i understand it:

Juanito Futbol's life story
This thread is starting out to be incredibly awesome!!!!!
Cuz Johnny Utah was already taken.
Why is the sky gray? Why is the grass gray? Why are the colors of the rainbow, gray, gray, gray, gray, gray, dark gray?
He's #2 right? "Football" ...twice.

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F5 on this thread.
Johnny ****in football hth
The real question is, how did JFF become Johnny Manziel?
double post

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You see, Johnny didn't need the birds and bees talk from pops. Pops needed it from Johnny.
Why are bewbs good?
The original was Bucky F;ing Dent.

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JFF lost his virginity before his father
potential thread
JFF doesn't own a watch, he decides what time it is
He had intercourse with an egg-shaped pigskin!
The boogeyman checks under his bed for JFF
JFF has been the only aggie to slam a revolving door, twice.

haha great thread
Why are Hottie Threads so popular? stupid question. delete thread. ban user.

Alan's inside source is JFF.
And on the seventh day, JFF created football.
Johnny F****** Football ...

thats what I always assumed lol.

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"How did the sun become hot?"

Well, approximately 5 billion years ago an enormous cloud of interstellar hydrogen began to contract under the influence of its own gravity. As the slow-moving hydrogen atoms collided with each other more and more frequently, their aggregate velocity rose increasing the temperature. Density (and thus temperature) was highest at the center of the cloud. Eventually the collision velocities crossed the threshold necessary to initiate the classic hydrogen-to-helium stellar fusion process. The process liberated sufficient heat to counteract further gravitational collapse, and eventually a balance was achieved between the inward pressure of gravity and the outward pressure of ...

Oh wait - football relevance. Sorry.
Why is the sky gray? Why is the grass gray? Why are the colors of the rainbow, gray, gray, gray, gray, gray, dark gray?

Underrated post

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