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Kyle Field Renovation Ideas

I know this is something that probably has been thought about but I was wondering what happens too g Rollie? A lot of school programs take Place in the ol holler house... Would you build a second student rec center and have those prOgrams take place there?

Plans are already in the works for that to be torn down.

A number one priority of any project has to be get the stands closer to the field. We are placing ourselves at a noise disadvantage on the field with the huge track area noise buffer. Corps march-in will just have to figure out what to do. It's a freaking football field, not a Corps march-in facility- and should be designed as such.



Yup! Still Baylor...
Scoreboard forever.
AustinAg, Kceovaisnt- posted the pics with img tags. After he posts three more times, the pictures will show up, until then, as a Rookie, TexAgs will not allow his img tags to become active:


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I'm aroused.
How hard would it be to raise the funds to build this?
Good work!
Hey guys I'm still working on some wall sections
but here are some renderings...

The last one needs more handicap chariot parking.
The last one is very traditional
I like the last one Marcus Pollio...especially when Pres. Loftin is in his box and gives the thumbs up or thumbs down when we have the opponent on his back with our foot on his throat!!
Marcus. You sir, put me to shame.
Like the awnings. Looking forward to see your thoughts/designs on the sound reflectors.

With respect to the Spirit of '02, it is my understanding that it cannot be pointed toward any section of the stadium (imagine what would happen if some d-bag drops a bolt or two into the cannon while no one is looking...I know it's extreme and the cadets wouldn't allow it, but that's the mentality).

Solution 1: pointed down a tunnel on first deck in the corner solves this problem...additional problem: you need a tunnel

Solution 2 (and I think this has a lot more pizzazz and would be QUITE unique): create a platform on the second/third level by the corner jumbotrons where they can wheel it up to before the game and fire it! You already have the aqueduct walkways connecting the levels (nice touch BTW), just add a platform toward the field with a walkway to the aquedect wide enough to accommodate the cannon! We'd be the only group that has a cannon that isn't on the ground!

On another note, I think the field-level boxes aren't a good idea. The view is awful for the game and there are always photographers in the way of the action.

In the design originally envisioned a few years ago, they put three decks of skybox seating ABOVE the student section:

If you did this, you could add more seats in the south endzone (basically a mirror image of the north endzone)

With regards to the dB issues, I am SO glad you took them into account. I would like an 8% increase where possible, but if you can show a more impressive jump with the audio reflectors (you got a better name?) in the canopy, I'm all ears. I think we actually stand a chance of breaking the record of dBs at Mile High Stadium. We achieved 108 dBs my senior year and additional dBs would be an insane stadium force to be reckoned with...and would have the chance to break the record of 137. I say we invest in a decibel meter to incite the crowds!

Please send me an email sir at zachcoppinger@yahoo.com

I think I can help you in the process in a few areas and have some ideas to bounce off of you
This thread deserves a bump
I'm fine with g Rollie coming down just wondering what happens to those programs?
Canopies are full of win. Those must be in the final design
This is how things get done in the world, someone takes initative and develops a product that the majority want.
@aggielax036 I COMPLETELY AGGREE!! I've been looking at these and the major eyesore is that burnt orange looking G. Rollie... IDK what they can do to it, but something needs to happen, when cameras pan over the student section from the press office it always looks crappy over there. Also, I don't know how many of you are current students, but walking down the student ramp from the 1st deck towards the MSC it looks like we built the stadium beside and on top of an abandoned building, not classy at all. Broken windows and what looks like an old ticket booth down in a hole. Would really like to see that area fixed up in the future!

-Jake '12
Kceovaisnt- first off I love the renderings! They look absolutely fantastic and by far better than anything else I have seen.

I have a couple questions...

1) When you go to present it to the powers that be, do you have any ideas of how you plan on doing so? What options are you going to show?
- With/out South Zone?
- With/out Field Level Boxes? (making the original bowl uniform all the way around the first deck?)
- With/out Canopies? (think that they should be mandatory)

2) Random thought on the cannonade... what if you placed it in a corner or on the top of the south zone and created a parabolic dish to fire it outward but it would directly reflect the sound into the stadium? (I'm sure this will get shot down buttt just an idea I had)

3)On the concrete entrances on east/west side what about putting A&M tarps above them or something of that nature...(perhaps on the top deck have a letter over each one and spell out T-E-X-A-S A-G-G-I-E-S)

4) What possessed you to start doing this?? Think its really cool that you are but dang son gotta be a lot of work!

5) With the canopy on, will it still have the iconic Kyle Field look on the outside?

Thanks again man. Just the ramblings/thoughts of a agbusiness major... so don't read too much into them.
I think the design looks amazing. I hope this happens, even if it means playing games away from Kyle for a season.

I like the awnings. I see people reference that the awnings might make it difficult to see the flyover. I'm not saying it is necessarily something to do, but could the awning be made in such a way that they raise and lower? Just something to think about.
^ if they are a soft material as he was mentioning before.. I would imagine a simple mechanized pulley system could accommodate that..
Love the concept. But, I think people need to understand the timeline on all of this. There are some saying that is too much seating right now and other short term complaints. This should instead be seen as the long term "Master plan". All of this won't be done at once, but should be done with the end goal in mind. E.G. Do the West Side now, maybe the South side. Do the East side 5 year later. Add the facade as money allows. Realistically, if this plan was adopted and targeted, the target for "completion" would be 2020 at the EARLIEST. Probably more like 2025. Kyle Field is a structure that will rarely not be "under construction". As soon as one thing is finished, another is just getting started. By the time it's all done, the oldest parts will start being renovated/updated. But, to do that, there needs to be a concept of the master design. Previous renovations/expansions, have not done a very good job of that.

Oh, and to the South End Field Level Suites, it has been stated that the reason those are in almost every rendering or concept you will see is due to there being a demand for them. Some on here think they are dumb, but there are people out there who want them, and will pay a fair chunk of cash for them. The way they are done at Jerryworld is if you have a field level suite, you also have tickets for seats above. They are more of a "party room" than a place to watch the game. I suppose there could be an argument for making it one big club instead of broken up into individual suites, but there is a demand for field level facilities.
How are the 55 Aggies who served in World War I and died on active duty commemorated?
Fifty-five flags fly over Kyle Field at each football game, there is a granite memorial located at the West Gate, and their names are on the plaques in the entrance to the Memorial Student Center.
Looks pretty good. Can't wait to see the exterior.
Love the canopies! They make Kyle Field look like a monster! Ready to swallow anything in it's path.
Talk about keeping the noise in!
For people that want to wrap it around. NO! It's hot enough since we built the Zone. We need some space to allow breezes through.

BQ06, We'll be able to put the flags anywhere. They'll be a part of the stadium. Nice campusology knowledge though.

OP, I scrolled through the thread and did not see this posted yet.
What about making the east and west side mirror's of each other structurally and suite wise?

Or maintaining the original pressbox except extending the length of the stadium and adding a canopy to it?

Great job and design. I like this a lot better than others I have seen so far.

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Great work OP! Kyle Field will be an awesome place to watch a game for many years to come. Bring on the SEC!
There's a lot of win in these designs.
The last one needs more handicap chariot parking.
Marcus, Is that a COLLIEseum?
to the person asking about G Rollie White coliseum. It is coming down so is the Read building. Health and Kinesiology are having their own building being built behind Reed Arena across the street from the new Ag Headquaters building. Also there are plans to expand the REC towards Olsen and yes there are plans to include suites in the new bulding.

With the MSC opening soon the bookstore will be out, the Letterman's lounge is moving to the athletes village, the raquetball and dance studios will be part of the REC expansion and the offices will be in the new HLKN building. With all those moves G Rollie is no longer needed.

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i heard this has the first stage so they can put the TV on top of it
^^ where did that come from??
FYI: Texas A&M is not going to spend one dime; no, I should say not one penny, on providing shade for cheap seats (lower donation levels) or students.
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