Car leaking blue fluid

I'm driving a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer 4WD with 156,000 miles. I had the oil changed yesterday and when I got home I noticed that it was leaking blue fluid from the very front corner of the passenger side. I put a clear container underneath it to capture the fluid and it is blue. I called the shop that changed the oil and they said it was windshield washer fluid, that I must have a leak, and not to worry about it...that it is still safe to drive the car from College Station to Houston, etc.

It leaked all night and is still leaking slowly. Should I be worried?
Just windshield washer fluid. It won't hurt anything if you run out, other than the fact that you won't be able to clean your windshield. Just don't hold down the "squirter" button if the reservoir is empty - you can burn up the squirter motor if there's no fluid going through.

When you get to CS, look at the reservoir and see where it is leaking. May be as simple as a loose hose underneath, or it may be a crack in the plastic, itself.

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Thank you!
Most oil change places top off fluids. They either overfilled the windshield washer fluid container, or simply spilled some.
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