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Since you seem to be the Ford guru here, I hope you can give me some guidance: 2005 Ford Explorer, 2WD XLT sport, 4.0L V6. Since yesterday, every time I start the engine, the information panel shows “advtrac off” (it isn’t) then changes to “check advtrac” and the little swervy warning dash light stays on steady. I checked the owner’s manual and it just says have it checked. A google search indicates that it is most likely a bad rear wheel sensor. Is there something simple that a regular person can do to check/fix the situation or is this something a shop or dealer should take care of?
Go have the ABS codes pulled.

Its a wheel speed sensor, most likely the rear one but don't go throwing parts at it, lets find out which one it is.
Thanks. Where can I go to have the ABS codes pulled. Is this from an AutoZone, Dealer, independent shop, or something I can do?

I don't think autozone can pull those codes. You can call and ask.

You'll probably have to go to a place that does advanced diagnostics.
OK, there is a NAPA auto center that is ASE certified down the street from me, so I'll see if they can check it.

Thank you.
I had them pull the code it was: C1288 Pressure Transducer Main / Primary Input Circuit Failure
The shop indicated it would take some research to figure out what was wrong and to bring the Explorer back when I could leave it for the day. Is this something a good independent shop should be able to fix or should I take it to the dealer (Legacy Ford is my closest one)?

Thanks for the help
Could be the ABS module, the HCU, or the brake pressure switch.
I thought I would update this for folks that have the same problem. The shop took almost all day to finally diagnose what specifically was the problem. They replaced the primary brake pressure transducer (located below the master cylinder). They also had to "flash" the ABS computer. So, $300 later my traction control trouble light and message don't come on. But, another problem cropped up. When I got the Explorer back, the message "Tire Pressure Sensor Fault" came on and the shop said they checked the air pressure and it was fine. Other than that, they didn't know what to do. They apparently had to disconnect power (maybe to flash the ABS computer?) because I had to reset the digital clock. The TPS fault came up every time I drove the Explorer that day. Next day I had to travel to Gonzales and I noticed the fault message was appearing less and not at all when I first started up. I guess the computer is "learning" the TPS signal. We'll see how that goes.
Good stuff!
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