Cost for replacing shocks on Chevy Blazer

I need to get the shocks replaced on my Blazer. They have almost 80k miles on them and are about 7 years old.

How much should I expect to pay for cheap to middle of the road shocks plus labor? Is under $400 reasonable?

I don't want to shell out a lot as the car has 140k miles on it and I won't be keeping it more than a year or two.
What year? 4x4? Any off road?

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You can probably get the parts from shipped to your door for a lot less than what a place will sell you. Then just go to a mechanic and pay for labor. That's the absolute cheapest (besides doing it yourself). You might sacrifice a warranty with the mechanic, though.

I'll let more learned people answer your question on price though. I've never replaced shocks on any of my vehicles before.

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98, 4x4, at this point it will be doing no off roading other than nice gravel roads
Here's a price list:|0
thanks for the replies. Goodyear gave me an estimate of $436 parts and labor, but I need to find out if that is for the cheapy shocks or not.
Unfortunately I don't have the time or tools to do the work myself.
I ordered a front and rear set of Heavy Duty Blisten's over the internet a few weeks ago. I purchased them for my F150. I paid about $60 each for them delivered. Ordering them over the internet saved me about $60.00 from paying retail prices, but I was not very happy with the vendor that I ordered them from.

I had never installed shocks before, but I did it all myself yesterday. It took me about 4 hours total. The fronts went pretty quickly, but the backs were an absolute *****.

One thing that I really disliked about the Blistens was their solution to keep the shaft from spinning while you tighten down the top nut. Most of the other shocks have a nut attached to the shock shaft to grip while you are tightening. This allows you to use a torque wrench with a socket. For the Blistens, you have to use an allen wrench at the top of the shaft to hold it in place while you use a offset ratchet wrench to tighten down the top nut. That design does not allow you to use the torque wrench. Stupid. Combine that dumb design with the fact that Ford left about 3" of space to work with in the rear, and the frustration factor set in pretty early.

Oh well, The truck rides much better now. I was at 130,000 miles on the original 9 year old shocks.

Ordering online will save you money.

GCRanger, I'm saying to buy the 4 shocks online and then take them to a shop. The shops all overcharge for the parts. This way, you can at least save some green.
Damn, shocks must be really going up lately. They used to be $25 apiece for decent ones the last time I replaced some shocks.

My truck has the factory shocks on it, 193,400 miles and they're still pretty good.

They're easy to replace on most vehicles..takes about 15 minutes per shock.
Buy online, do it yourself.
Follow my fathers' advice:

Buy from Sear's (or any place that offers lifetime warranties).

Pay for the 1st replacement and replace yourself.

After about 4-5 years, take them off, take them back and say "These did not last me a lifetime. I want new ones!", with reciept in hand.

Rinse, repeat for 7 cycles with one car. Not a bad ROI.


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GO to oreillys. They have monroe.
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