4 Dead in Coles Crossing Home

Wow. I don't know how anybody could hurt a 2nd grader and a 4th grader.
There will be a candle light prayer vigil for the two boys, Timothy and Titus at 7:30 at the Coles Crossing Community Center.
Both young men were Cub Scouts... their pack is working with Sampson Elementary (where they went) to help put on the community vigil tonight.
and to think these young boys probably thought the world of their dad. I feel for anyone with ties to this family as so many lives have been affected.
I drive by the community center every day to and from work. I left late tonight and noticed quite a few cars turning in there. Now I know why.

My boyfriend's little girl and her mom live in Coles Crossing.
Terrible. How could someone do that to their own children/family?
Did you go to the vigil Trip?

The sheriff's office is not listing this case as a murder-suicide. They are now calling it capital murder. But, they aren't releasing any details. The latest news release is asking for Crimestoppers tips. We are working to get more info.

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wow. sad & scary.
Just was changed to 4 murders.


Was it officially called a murder/suicide or was it just speculated.

Horrible and tragic story.
Cops seek gunman in Cypress shooting that killed 4
This can't be your run of he mill home invasion/burglary

Your avg burglar isn't going to shoot 2 kids in the head
No longer is this just incredibly sad. It's also scary.
Trip, how is your teacher friend holding up? Sounds like the circumstances have changed and the note she sent home was not the problem.
Good lord, this is insane.
This is now even scarier. Authorities pretty much led the public into thinking this was a murder suicide by not disclosing any information that the case could be headed somewhere else. As a resident of that part of the county, I am a little upset the public was not provided additional information on a more timely basis.

A resident in Longwood was shot by people burgalizing cars not more than a year ago when he went outside to see what dogs were barking about. The authorities showed very little interest in that case even with the victim in the hospital.

I think the word is out that this area of Harris County is easy pickings because the really is no police / law enforcement in the area.
I'm in Bridgeland and I've long thought the burglaries/break ins was that the criminals thought it was easy pickings.
Word from a deputy friend is that they were all shot execution style, including the two kids. They said they weren't putting out the details (ie originally 4 deaths and no details) because of the nature of the case.
Wow. Quite a scary turn
Holy crap
Very scary...I have more details but don't want to post them here just because it is so traumatic.
Not very comforting
Post them, we are all grown ups and deserve to know anyway.
Basically all four family members were tied up and shot in the head execution style and that the kids were shot twice. Several things lead them to believe it was some type of home invasion including broken windows. They are searching for one or more suspects. No idea if they have someone in mind or not.
damn...that is messed up

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Just wondering if house was ransacked or if they were particularly targeting the family. Hopefully neighbors or this family had surveillance video that may have caught something.
GAP... The Longwood shooting had a few more details... the man came out and saw them breaking into cars, he FOLLOWED THEM to another home. One of the perps turned and saw him, chased him, man fell THEN he was shot.
call police if you see a crime...
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