Mcfaddin beach (nude beach)

I know this is an unofficial nude beach as it's illegal in Texas, but any of y'all been/have info? My fiancé and I would like to go but don't know if the wardens are really starting to crack down or if it's a relaxed attitude. From reading in the past at least there were tons of nudist that would frequent the beach with minimal issues.
dont forget the sunscreen for the meat and two veg.
there were tons of nudist that would frequent the beach with minimal issues

i bet a lot of them have numerous issues.
I fish in that area several times a year. I've seen some ill advised bikini and banana hammock wearage by people with very high BMI, but never anyone nude.

I think it is simply that you have to go pretty far down the beach to get away from where most people go, and the farther north you go, the less beach there is, and the more it sucks as a beach. Lots of shell, sand is brown and siltier as you go north, and water is rarely clear. Just too close to the Red river and Mississippi river backwash. TONS of mosquitos at night. But yeah, its the most isolated stretch of beach in Texas that's not on an island, so if there are nudists, they'd be out there. And they'd be the kind you'd never want to see...
Go back to hippy hollow!
Hey, we are the ones you'd want to see!!
The OP is thinking of High Island. I have seen some hotties going topless on the back of a Jeep and some nasty old pervs, as well when fishing down there.
Hey, we are the ones you'd want to see!!
Pics of your fiance naked to confirm. tia

edit: unless you are the chick.

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Rule 1 on your GF. If worthy I will forward you the secret map.
But I'd get a perma...
Blurr it?

Mcfaddin is the beach a couple miles northeast of High Island. You'll pass out of Galveson County and enter the beach in front of Mcfaddin wildlife refuge, where the wire fence (that is mostly gone) starts to keep people out of the refuge dunes.

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No way this guy just posted a pic of his gf. You are either brave or dumb. Good job following the rules.
seems like a pretty solid troll. i'm not hating it, though.
No troll, and it'll be down soon. She wouldn't mind.
Hah, nice

Why you guys want to do this?

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Brave or Stupid. Either way I approve.

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We both like being nude and would enjoy it in public to relax. I was born in Finland where it is completely normal.
can you delete you link TRL please.

Angry face was for previous post that I edited, not towards you TRL.
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What did I miss
So was she hot or not?
She looks great!
¡Muy bien!
The nude part of the beach is down by the salt cedars east of High Island. I work cattle in that marsh and can assure you they are still there
And how did the nude sunbathers look, old and wrinkly?

Was the pic the Flickr one in the mirror or actually a naked one
She was in a dress...not posting her naked (I'd like to because she looks great naked) but obviously won't.

But hey some of y'all might bump into us at the beach this summer.
I missed a pic of your g/f?!?! Re-post!
Pro tip click on the blue box

No matter how good looking you think you me on this, no one wants to see you naked.
She does....
This is weird.
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