TxTag or NTTA tolltag?

Does it matter?

Say all you drive on is the Dallas North Tollway and occasionally travel into Houston and get on Same Houston and Westpark Tollway

I've always been fine with my TxTag, but it seems as though I see the orange NTTA one around more frequently.
i'd get the NTTA. I had the TxTag, but it doesn't work at the Airport. NTTA works in all other cities (i think).

you're right. Upon further research it looks like NTTA works at airports...

I wonder if one costs more than the other initially? I do remember dropping someone off at DFW Airport and freaking out when the toll guy told me I needed to pay because my TxTag wouldn't work there. Luckily, they took debit card.

I see NTTA a lot more frequently than TxTag for what it's worth.
NTTA works on any toll road in Texas if I'm not mistaken.
up to three cars you have on one credit card, they deduct 20 dollars, 4 or more they deduct 40 dollars at a time...i think they when the available funds get below 10 dollars, they deduct 20 or 40, depending onhow many cars you have tied to the one acct
I've had a toll tag so long I can't remember if there is even a signup fee. Think you have to put $40 on your account, then every time it hits below $10 they bill you $40 as someone said.
The TxTag is more limited. Go with a Tolltag.
NTTA tolltag. Works everywhere in DFW plus all other toll roads that accepts TxTag.
The last time i researched this top i think i found that TxTag has a minimun refill amount of $20 compared to NTTA's $40 at a time.
NTTA isn't a mandatory $40, you choose how much you want them to pull from your account.
Makes no difference for someone like me who takes the DNT every day.

Actually at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much they take out at a time really. (unless you just stop using the toll roads I guess and forget about it)
NTTA works on any toll road in Texas if I'm not mistaken.
Yes, it does. I use mine all over the state and have no issues.
As someone else mentioned the only difference is at the airports. Probably not a big deal unless you commute through DFW.
Just bought a NTTA one and was charged $40 at checkout which I'm hoping is just the initial $40 and will be deducted upon usage.....

Hoping it's not $40 for the actual toll tag itself! ha
There isn't a fee to get a toll tag, that $40 is immediately usable on your account.
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