Trail - Mopac & William Cannon

Hoping for some help, as I am fairly new to Austin. There is a running trail along the west side of Mopac just south fo William Cannon, that looks as as if it circles the shopping center there. It weaves around the Costco area and north. Does anyone know of this trail...distances...where to park?
If I remember correctly, my wife clocked the loop at 1.4 miles. On Mopac, it stretches from Convict Hill to Wllm Cannon, then goes west for a couple of lights (to Kerbey Lane Cafe), then heads back south to Convict Hill/Mopac.

You should be able to park in the parking lot of the strip center or Costco.
Arbor Trail - I've run it several times. It's somewhere between 1 and 1.4, can't remember. Nice little trail and now one of the merchants has a water jug out, facing WC. Pretty much can park anywhere. I always parked on the NW corner.
We use that track in some of my group fitness classes at Lifetime. It's 1.4 miles
That's the exact info I was looking for. Thank you for the help.
Ive run it a few times - sometimes I loop back around when I get to W Cannon to avoid getting hit by SUVs loaded up with diapers and beer from Costco.
I grew up about 1 mile from that spot back in the 70's and 80's when it was nothing but a fenced in, cedar ridden, cow pasture. Used to build forts and shoot each other with BB guns back in there. Blows my mind to see what's become of it.

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