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At&t 4g wireless/data plans and iPhones (they are all 3g)/confirmed network problems

Agreed, AggiePhil. Things seemed to get better the last couple weeks, only to nose-dive the last few days. Maybe Saturday's power outages took a toll of some sort?

Campus is still a mixed bag/veritable dead zone in the Northgate area, but construction has that zone all fubar-ed, so... Essentially I never get good data service on Univ until the 2818 cutoff, then I'm good until I hit apt row (right past George Bush Dr. intersection). From there, turning right onto S. Holleman and usually all the way till I hit the four-way stop at Rock Prairie West, it's the Bermuda Triangle. Hate to see what happens when all those new apts they're building are occupied, hopefully with Verizon contract holders.

Jim, I feel for you and appreciate what you're trying to do for everyone. You're obviously up against it for many reasons.
I can't post my email address here but [please do not post another user's personal information or request the same -staff]

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@AggiePhil - Were you on or near campus? We had some scheduled changes for the campus system that we had to complete during the summer for the lowest impact on users. We are still working on it, but complete on most of the campus nodes. Most of the remaining work can and will be done at night.

Please email me: fbsweetgirl2000 at yahoo dot com

I'm in Williams Creek subdivision/Wm D. Fitch with similiar issues. Thanks so much, Samantha
@ Jim: I tried to private message you, but kept getting booted out to the main page. Don't know what's up with that....

Just wanted to thank you for looking into all these problems. I think the majority of people on this forum realize you cannot *solve* the problems, but at least you have insight into what's going on, and it does appear that you have helped a few people. So, thank you for that. I think all of us just want the TRUTH about why AT&T is failing us and want ACTION.

We received a letter in the mail just yesterday from the Vice President & General Manager of AT&T-South Texas describing how hard they've been working on expanding their 4G LTE network in the BCS area. He also said that they've made "some big improvements in the area". Hmmmm..... how ironic this letter comes at a time when SO many people are having SO many problem with AT&T!! So, I intend to send a letter to them to say that AT&T service is worse than ever where I live, yada yada.
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BCS Class Action?
Happened again to me at Hwy 6 and S. Texas Ave entrance to Southbound Hwy 6 yesterday. Boom, no internet traffic with 5 bars of 3G. Safari, words with friends, mail, nothing worked.

I turned off 3G, then turned it back on. It took way longer than usual to get 3G indicator back up, but when it did, it worked.

I also think it is ironic that we receive a letter announcing these great new improvements to BCS without acknowledging the troubles they've also had this spring.
I've definitely seen improvements in the ability to transfer data over the cell network in the last week or so. Thanks to the forum folk for pressing the issue.

(I have an iPhone 4S and work on campus. As other users have listed, the ability to do any data transfer when the phone lost campus wifi was highly unreliable until recently.)

This evening for the past two-three hours (8:00pm on), I've had little to no service at all. I have a two week old Galaxy Note, which is on the 4G LTE network here.

Currently the 4G LTE indicators are there but there is no bars of signal.

Under About Phone > Status I show


Signal Strength
0dBm 0asu

Mobile Network Type

Service State
In Service

Not Roaming

Mobile Network State

I'm on 100% factory ROM and settings (2.3.6 Android, Baseband I717UCLA1)

My sister has an iPhone and said her service has been off and on (mostly off) at our house; this is over near KBTX.

I had no service at all driving from Culpepper Plaza area to my house.
I have no signal. Mine says "searching". No sure how long its been that way...first noticed it about an hour ago.
I have service for about 10-20 seconds then it's back to no service
Live near kbtx as well
Same here close to kbtx. Both iPad and iPhone without a signal.
I'm in southwood valley.
Near Bryan High and no service.
near consol and i get service for a few minutes and then it goes out for awhile.
No bars near Garden Acres/Tanglewood Park area.
Back up

-82dBm, 28asu

LTE, In Service. AT&T.

Just got a text. Let's see how long it stays up...

Just watched it go from -79 dBm, to -81, to -83, to -85, to -87, to -89, to -80...

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People across the state are having issues according to twitter.

Someone has said that all of the Houston market areas and areas served are down due to a bridge being worked on... No further info I've been able to see. My girlfriend in Huntsville is also having AT&T network problem tonight.
Jim: If you can send me an email, I'd appreciate it. I have similar issues to what Josh posted a few weeks ago (copied below) as well as having fairly regular issues with calls - dropped calls, weird messages on outgoing calls about calls not being able to be completed and the like. This happens throughout Bryan. The most common locales for me are about a mile north of campus and near the Bryan Post Office on William J. Bryan. Thanks!

Voice issues noted above, plus data issues like these:
Typically, my phones shows ample signal but data will not come through (or does so at just a trickle).

For example...

I was at 980 University Dr today at 12:30pm. I have 4bars of service (and the 4G icon) on my iPhone4S, yet I could get not get any data to come through.

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Damn, just keeps getting worse out there.
oh good, it wasn't just me.

I never have very many bars at home (regular house near Bryan post office), but I at least have service. Last night it would fluctuate between 3 bars and Searching, and the only people I could communicate with were also using imessage.

I also have one bar at work, which may because I work in a big warehouse-like area, but that's annoying as well.

I gave up trying to have long phone calls with anyone, anywhere, because they drop so often. Friends on AT&T who do not have iphones do not have nearly as much trouble as I do. Next phone will be a Droid.
Verizon owns this area. Inherited it from GTE.
Thank you for your input, but you are not helping.
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