wolverine vs. red wing vs. justin work/hunting boots

My Wolverine durashocks finally quit after eight years of mud. I was looking at getting another pair of Wolverine, but I have a friend who swears by Red Wing. Some Justins seem to be in the same price range, but their ropers usually fall apart. Are there any real differences?
It all depends on your foot size. For me I have to either buy Wolverine or Rocky boots to get the width needed.

My two cents would be to look at a pair of Rocky work boots first before any of the others as they are very comfortable but only have a few work boot styles in both slip-on & laced up.
I've worn redwings, justins, and wolverines, and have had the best luck with the redwings. They lasted about 3 years where the other 2 pair lasted a little under 2 years each.
Ive had all three, and the best ones i had were the red wings
Consider Ariats. I tried them all (Wolverine, Red Wings, etc.) and then a sales guy at Cavender's convinced me to try Ariats. That was 7 years ago and I won't buy anything else. Best boots I've ever owned...and I wear them at least 6 days a week.
In fairness, I've never worn Wolverines, but the I can't imagine owning a better work boot than my Red Wings.
My Redwings are tough, but they are very heavy and sure do put blisters on my feet with a lot of walking. I got a pair of Danner Pronghorns for hunting last Spring, and they are very comfortable and LIGHT! Can't ask for a better boot.
Get which ever ones fit your foot the best.
Best Advice
Go to a Redwing store. They have several brands there that are made by Redwing but may offer what you need if you don't find a specific RW model that does. 2 weeks ago, I bought a pair of Carhartt boots. Very comfortable and they come in the wide widths I need. Very little break in time.

Honestly, I thought the Timberlands or Wolverines were reasonably comfortable, but mine blow them away.
Not to repeat myself, but consider Ariats. I used to love Redwings, but they don't touch Ariats.
Second the Ariats. Only boot I'll wear now.
I can't wear any of those, so I order my work boots from BA Mason. The last pair of el-cheapo $101 boots I had lasted over three years.

Just ordered another pair. They go up to size 18EEEEE if I recall correctly.
Red wings were always harder for me to break in. Once they were broke in, they outlasted any other pair I ever had!
I inherited my dad's nose, attitude, and remarkably flat feet.

Get which ever ones fit your foot the best.

Good idea. The width question and arch support will probably decide. Good to hear about Ariat. I've seen them, but was a little leary without other info, that, and the fact that the people at Cavender's are on commission.
Arch support won me over. I have extremely high arches and used to have to wear orthodic inserts in my older boots.

I am flawed....
I don't know about all the Red Wings and their other brands but the Carhartts I got have easily replaced insoles. I'm sure you can get the flat feet insoles at a running store (or even Sports Authority) and put in there.

All these brands are good. I liked the RW store I went into immediately. Not only was the selection good, but the guy helping me was the manager (store owner??) and really knew his stuff.
I owned them all and worked hard in them.

Now I own, Ariats. Just go with it.

Or go Russell Moccasin Boots.

I 3rd the Ariat's. The heals do not walk over like Justin work boots. I wear mine every day and I usually get a new pair after three years just for cosmetic reasons.
Not to hijack the thread, but what socks do you guys wear with your work boots? Just walmart specials, or do you like a certain brand?
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