Ima gonna leave this right here - African boar catching using monkeys.

I certainly hadn't seen this before ...

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What? Your monkey never rode a pig before?
I'm confused as to what exactly the monkeys are doing
This version cut off the first 5-10 seconds.

The people run up to the hogs and throw the monkeys at them. The monkeys jump on their backs and ride them until they are tired enough to catch.
This one shows the throwing better.
what the....
Have hunted in South Africa and visited Kenya/Tanzania since 2000.... Have never seen or heard of that. Crazy.
Better than a trunk monkey. Hog monkey.
I. Need. That. Monkey.
Guys pay good money to hunt hogs from helicopters, and with thermal imaging...wonder if this is marketable?

Anyone know someone who has any good hog-monkeys for sale? And is it cheaper to feed a pack of monkeys than all these dogs?
Pinche, I think about the only word I understood was Mozambique.
Whole 'nother way to say "gotta monkey on yer back".
I had to watch it through again to catch idea what tribe this is.
I will pay good money for two of those monkeys and tickets to the next Arkansas game.
I'd love to se PETA's reaction
This has to be the best thing I've seen in a few days!
Outstanding! Can imagine the Monkeys and the Tribesmen sitting around a camp fire that night, high-fiving, drinking Schlitz, telling stories about a great days hunt!
That music in the second link just adds to it
In before the "best monkey breeds for piggy back hunting" debate
You know that started off with some guy drunk off his ass boosting about how his monkey can run down a pig.

Probably will not work around barbed wire fence
Who knew that Whiplash was actually keeping one of his species oldest traditions alive.

I can only assume there are contests for pig riding monkeys, and I think I found the trophy

More proof that they are evil little *******s.
Why has this not appeared on any documentary about Africa before!? Some of those boars almost look as if they're wearing some sort of mask over their faces.
I've always wanted a trunk monkey.
Little cowboy hats, gun & gun belt and boots would be a nice touch…….I can see the ads on late night tv “please send funds to help outfit our pig riding monkeys”.
...when monkeys grow tired of working for the man,,

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In training.
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