Sea Shepherd Paul Watson - Fugitive from Justice

Did anyone expect anything different? The Germans let Paul Watson out on bail while waiting a hearing. Paul Watson left the country and is now a fugitive from justice.

On the run and with three countries seeking his arrest, the captain of an anti-whaling group is claiming Germany was ready to sacrifice him to Japan and that a former crew member convicted by Japan had become a traitor by providing "false evidence."

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society founder Paul Watson said he was in "a safe place" after fleeing house arrest in Germany earlier this month when he learned that Japan was also seeking his extradition. Watson was being held on an earlier extradition request from Costa Rica.


"The German government said I betrayed their trust by leaving Germany, yet they had already betrayed my trust," he stated. "The German politicians had made up their minds politically before the German court had made a decision, and during the time I was held in Germany, the Japanese negotiated with Germany to file for an extradition order to Japan on fabricated evidence provided by former Sea Shepherd Crewmember, Peter Bethune."

Watson then accused Bethune of cooperating "to provide false evidence to the Japanese Coast Guard to blame me for the boarding actions, despite the on-camera documentation that I specifically advised against the boarding by Bethune."
And in related news, Bethune has filed suit against the Sea Shepherds for not paying the balance owed on the Ady Gil which he had sold to them. From
Pete Bethune, now an independent marine activist, claims Sea Shepherd deserted him after he'd served his purpose and owes him $500,000. He has taken his demands to a court in Maryland, in the US, claiming he sold the 24m wave-piercing trimaran to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for $1.5 million in 2009.

He said $1 million was paid, with more than 20 emails confirming the remaining $500,000 would be paid in 2010. But on January 6, 2010, the Ady Gil - in its new black Sea Shepherd livery and skippered by Mr Bethune - collided with the Japanese whaling support vessel MV Shonan Maru, snapping off the Ady Gil's bow. It sank a day later.


Mr Bethune claims Sea Shepherd ordered him and other crew "to deploy prop foulers, shine lasers in the eyes of Japanese crew, fire butyric acid at the whaling vessels - all breaches of maritime law".

"I sacrificed a year of my life to Paul and the SSCS, including five months in a maximum security prison in Japan resulting from actions I took under the captaincy of Paul," Mr Bethune said.

"He then expelled me from SSCS while I was in jail and their treatment of me publicly and privately since then has been a disgrace. The Japanese at least treated me with dignity and respect.
Lock his ass up and throw away they key, that asshat should be tried on counts of piracy if you ask me.
Eco terrorism. Guantanamo!
With arrest warrants out, that should make their next few operations rather interesting.

Could this be the beginning of the end of the Sea Shepherd Pirates?
Hope the japs find him before anyone else and there is a "whaling accident". Piece of **** needs to stop stealing my oxygen.
I can't believe he nor the whole crew isn't dead by now.
Sea Shepherd Paul Watson - Fugitive from The Looney Bin

this could get interesting very quickly. if the Japanese actually want him they will get him.
this could get interesting very quickly. if the Japanese actually want him they will get him.
I wonder if it could give the Japanese a legitimate reason to search the Sea Shepherd vessels for him during the next whaling season.
I am not big on international law or maritime but I don't know about boarding and searching a ship in international waters. More likely is they have the Australians or kiwis do it in port.
That show is like watching a train wreck. You don't want to look, but it's hard not to watch. The sheer stupidity of those people caught my eye, and I watched 2 full seasons on DVR when I was stuck at home with a sick kid one time. I saw both of the episodes referenced. When Bethune was dropping the prop-fouler and launching the acid at the Japs he and all the rest of them were hooting and hollering and having a great time. Paul and the rest of his crew were all high-fiving and cheering their actions. It was most definitely condoned by everyone. And the ship boarding episode....who in their right mind is stupid enough to take that risk to save an animal??? Somebody with nothing else going on in thier life obviously. I don't recall Captain dip**** ever advising against it. They were all pretty happy when he did it. He was the Grand Idiot Martyr. There's plenty of other stupid things they did. Watson deserves to have his ass handed to him for his actions. I can't believe he would be willing to "foul" another ships prop 1000 miles from nowhere, in freezing weather and freezing water, which would leave that ship and their crew literally dead in the water. With the extreme weather down there, that ship could be screwed in no time. Dumbasses.
I can't believe he would be willing to "foul" another ships prop 1000 miles from nowhere, in freezing weather and freezing water, which would leave that ship and their crew literally dead in the water. With the extreme weather down there, that ship could be screwed in no time

Agreed. I would absolutely consider intentionally trying to disable my boat in those hostile waters an attack on my life.
Agree with the last two. The Japanese government should declare their intention to protect their fleet from piracy and send a destroyer down there.

One shot across the bow, then shoot to kill.
Pirates are pirates.
I think the craziest part is that they can only see one side of this. When they hang things off the japanese boats designed to fowl their props they get upset when they hit them with sticks. The japanese put prop foulers behind two of the japanese boats and used it to steer one of the sea shepherd boats away from the factory ship. The sea shepherds were pissed about this, but its what they do to the japanese.
death penalty for terrorism. hang his ass.
I ran across an account a couple of years ago about the Sea Shepherds once getting possession of some kind of naval gun.

According to the account, Watson ordered the gun crew to aim at the fishing boat but the gun crew refused and shot across the bow instead.
A quick search found this about the incident I mentioned above:
1993: Paul Watson orders the crew on board the Sea Shepherd vessel “Edward Abbey” (formerly US Navy) to open cannon fire at a Japanese fishing vessel. Sea Shepherd crew do not carry out the order, but instead fire a shot across the bow of the Japanese vessel. The Japanese vessel does not stop. (Recorded by Yorkshire Television Documentary “Defenders of the Wild – Ocean Rider”.)
. That was from
here are all the videos from the Japanese point of view and articles from the ICR regarding the "illegal harassment & terrorism against ICR Research" ... makes for some entertaining watching from the other side
Libtards live in bizaro world. The end somehow always justifies the means, laws and rules be damned. Emotions are the highest mental function with them. Sad really since they supposedly value tolerance.

If someone rammed a boat into my ship I would take that as a threat to life. Much like someone ramming my car with my family in it. There would be lead flying. Attempted murder is attempted murder. I would employ about 3-5 snipers and if they shot at me I would unload. This BS has gone on far too long.
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