Anybody ever eat the offal of deer, wild hogs, or exotics?

So I haven't been able to do much hunting recently especially since I've come to appreciate properly prepared offal and I was wondering if anybody had any experience with this?

Seems to me that you could do some pretty interesting cooking with the heart, lungs, liver, sweetbreads, etc. from deer, hogs, etc.
My dad and his buddies save the deer hearts kidneys and livers for cowboy stew. I can't bring myself to eat it. Not my cup of tea.
Sound pretty good.

I love calf liver and enjoyed steak & kidney pie so that stew would probably be right up my alley. I understand it's not for everybody but then I've also enjoyed the poached pig brains on toast at Feast.
I've cut up Axis heart, pounded it out, dusted with flour and deep fried it. It's goooood.
I had fresh heart and liver cooked with onions once. Pretty good eats.
Every opening morning if a deer is killed we always chicken fry some heart. Good stuff.
Good to know I'm not the only one.
You are either French, or starving.
One dish I have seen is pig intestine cooked in pig blood. It did not look appetizing.
posted 3:41p, 11/12/10

You are either French, or starving.

My handle on here should give you a pretty decent indicator of my heritage.

And I espouse the rooter-to-the-tooter ethos when it comes to animals. I'm not saying everyody has to like this stuff but if you won't even try it how would you know? Plus, you're missing out on some really tasty bits.
Heart, liver and to an extent kidney can be good. Just make sure to cook it well, however you prepare it.

When we cook birds, hearts and gizzards go in a pan on the grill...and get eaten as snacks as they finish cooking...
Here you go:

Give us a report, if you get the chance to make it. And remember rule #1!
One of the dumb co-workers thought it would be cool to eat the heart of a hog he shot at the company hunt.

I wasn't at that hunt, but informed him of all the lovely diseases hogs can carry.

He turned green like he'd swallowed his snuff.
You are either French, or starving.

You mean Scottish, hoss. They have perfected the art of selling the meat and eating what's in the gut bucket: haggis, kidney pie, blood sausage, etc.
One of the best camp meals I ever had was elk heart fried with chopped onions and chopped green chilies. We harvested the elk cow in the morning and had this for supper. This is the only innards I've ever liked other than chicken liver and gizzards.

BTW, my ancesters came to America in 1700 from Ireland.

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Take two deer hearts. Cut the tops off. Cut into 3/8" rings, then cut into strips, removing any valve material and any thick membrane remaining. Season and prepare as fajitas. Enjoy...

As an aside, I tricked my wife into eating this. She said it was very good and more tender than she expected...

Nope, it sounds pretty offal...
Mmmmmm: Haggis, Tatties and Neeps
Finn- When I met you at Orvis Woodlands a couple of years ago I thought to myself "he looks like the kind of guy that would eat the liver from a wild hog", now I find out I was right.
Fresh venison liver cut into thin strips, dipped into milk then flour and seared on a hot skillet is one of the best meals you can have at deer camp.
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