Duck hunting Lake Houston?

Does anyone know about duck hunting Lake Houston? Is it allowed? Is it good? What areas are good? North of 1960 seems the most reasonable locations, but I'll hunt where ever the ducks are and I can legally hunt them. I'm not looking for spots, I can take a boat and find those, I'm just trying to get some general info. Thanks!
I'm going to give you the serious answer. The answer is NO, you cannot hunt lake Houston.

Do not bring this question to any other hunting or fishing forums. It will not end well. There are no special permits, no teal tags, no residency requirements, no special lake Houston pass, no special way to hunt lake Houston out of a boat. Plain and simple you cannot hunt lake Houston.

I'm going to the good Aggie thing here and not do what would happen on the barney forums.
Get your teal tags though and you can get some pretty solid early season action on the North end.
I'm a little confused by the responses...just trying to make sure I don't get myself in trouble. So, I CAN'T hunt Lake Houston, but what about the San Jacinto River...can't I just go North and hunt below the Lake Houston State Park? We were looking at some property in Huffman yesterday and the guy showing us around made it seem like duck hunting was no big deal and a lot of people do it up there...
Nevermind...just spoke with Lake Patrol and they said the water is city property, so no hunting allowed...
The lake is city of Houston! That is how they were able to annex Kingwood. Unless you can hunt inside the city, you cannot hunt on Lake Houston.
You also can't use an Airboat on Lake Houston.
FYI Cole... my post was the kind that chase was trying to warn you about. Look into the teal tags though they can pay off!
No problem WT. I'm just looking for new places to hunt. I have a place in Liberty County, but the birds are hit or miss. Right now I have to rely on invites to a place on the Trinity River if I don't have birds. Any of you ever hunt Trinity Bay? I've heard you can hunt the North side out of Fort Anuahac park...
I hunted Trinity Bay a few years back. You obviously need a boat unless there's an area I don't know about, in which case tell me now. The East side of Houston in general has gone downhill IMO (Trinity, Anahuac, Winnie Prairie and even up to Liberty/Dayton where you are). Hunted some timber near Dayton this year and it was really disapointing.

I'm boatless and leaseless and find myself going further south to kill ducks.

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Teal Tags! Look for the elusive Rainbow Teal East of Houston.
Cole if you are on that side you should check out Wallisville Lake Project. It's on the north side of IH-10 and then feeds in the bay system. You do need a boat to access. Outboard is fine north of 10 but it gest tricky south of IH-10 and I always use a mud motor.

And yes, on other forums people get irate over naming places to hunt, but that's mostly in north and central tx where the space is limited. I don't mind naming lakes down here around Houston because there are millions of acres to duck hunt the bay systems.

I grew up on Lake Houston and NO there is no legal hunting..when i was 16, kayak and pellet gun worked well!!

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i wonder if that 10 acre rule would apply that allows hunting inside the city limits?
I know it applies to dove, and they are migratory birds
I'm planning on applying for the Wallisville Project this year. I've heard mixed things about it's productivity for the past 10 years.
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