I have always prided myself on my pintos, but a Mexican cook at the ranch I stayed at last week taught me a lesson. I've always done an all day (4-6 hour) recipe. This one is easy and blows everybody away that tastes it.....

1 large onion, coarsly chopped
2 medium tomatoes, coarsly chopped
4 serrano peppers, finely chopped (w/seeds)
1 cup cilantro, finely chopped
2 cups "Clamato" juice
2 large cans Bush's pinto beans
6 strips of bacon
1 Tbs oil (or lard)

Cook onion in hot oil (lard) until just getting soft. Add bacon.
When bacon just starts to brown, add beans and all remaining ingredients.
Bring to boil and simmer 45 minutes.

aight I'm gonna have to give this a go...

I'm a little leary of the clamato juice..but have to try it.
Update Years later:
These are by far the best beans ever... They are not really traditional but who cares. You make these and you can be sure even folks who don't like beans will eat them. I figured I'd add this after making them about 50 times.

similar to our home made beans.. We use salt pork, fatback or bits of ham sometimes.

Best beans in a bag are King's. The key is their spices. I don't know what they use, but I can eat them plain.

I love their navy bean soup with potato cubes added.

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I'm a little leary of the clamato juice..but have to try it.

I'm 47 years old. I make great beans. My mom cooked great beans. I was a lot leary of it when I saw him cook them. TRUST.ME.ON.THIS.
i grew up in a house where a family dinner was a pot of beans and cornbread. the next night, the leftovers were refried and we had chalupas. i'm weary too, but may have to try it.
Ducks, I would think you were my brother, but the 2nd night was reheated beans and fresh cornbread.
fido Beans ftw

1lb dried pinto beans soaked overnight
¼ cup olive or peanut oil
3 Slices Thick cut bacon - diced
1 med-large onion medium diced
1 Jalepeno finely diced
2 cloves garlic finely diced
2 Tbls Chili Powder (Labeled: Pure or New Mexico if you can find it)
1 Tbls Cumin
1tsp dried oregano – crushed between fingers
2 bay leaves
½ Cup Apple Cider vinegar
Water or Chicken Stock – Enough to cover beans (If using water, toss in 3 chicken buillon cubes)
salt and pepper to taste

In a large pot heat oil and bacon on med heat until bacon is just short of becoming crisp. Add in onion and jalepeno (turn up heat a little if needed). Cook until veggies are tender and add in garlic. Cook about 1 minute more. Add in 2-3 cups of water/chicken broth then add all remaining ingredients. Add water or stock as needed to cover beans by about 1/2”. Bring to a simmer and cook for about 4 hours stirring occasionally and topping off with water as needed.

Clamato is some awesome stuff. I'll have to give this a try.
B1 83...gave it a run tonight...


Thanks for sharing...
is this really a recipe for canned beans?
don't get me wrong, canned beans have their place, but come on.
watchlist. will update.

"Guns don't kill people, I kill people."
B-1's new recipe is basically mine.

Instead of the Clamato, I throw in a can of regular Rotel.

That's after I make dried beans from a bag with it's own recipe.
I don't know that you can get clamato juice in this county.
A "recipe" for canned beans? Come on guys, really?
olive or peanut oil

Aren't those on completely different sides of the healthy/taste spectrum?
A "recipe" for canned beans? Come on guys, really?

How many ways did I have to say it? I have always made my own from dried beans - awesome. My mom always made them from dried beans - awesome. I was more than apprehensive about these, but they are outstanding. Downplay it only after yu have tried it.
Alright B-1, I will give it a try. Just giving you a hard time.
Two or three weiner sized links of Peyton brand chorizo boiled down in the bean pot is all of the seasoning you need, unless you are a garlic man and want to add a little bit.
What size is the "large" can....I bought all of the ingredients today but there were 4 sizes of Bush's Pintos....i went with two of the 53oz cans...there was one can larger that was about a gallon or so....any insight before i start?
I just did a little trial run with 1 53 oz can and half of what the recipe called for...turned out great!!
I've got to give this a try.

gonna give this a try this weekend
Do you own pintos. Skip the Clamato, beer instead. Now, you have "borrachos."
OK......I'm not proud.

What the heck is "Clamato Juice" and where do you get it??
you can pick up clamato juice in the juice section

it's pretty much a tomato juice and clam broth mixture...but the tomato taste and smell dominates so don't worry about a bad taste..

to me it smells like bloody mary mix
My son just sent me this recipe in an email...we were going to have tacos as his arrival home meal but will have beans instead.

I second the question on the can size!
but a Mexican cook ...

2 large cans Bush's pinto beans

Somebody's abuelita is spinning in her grave.

Unless... Did you find him laughing his azz off later?
Do you own pintos. Skip the Clamato, beer instead. Now, you have "borrachos."

someone's reading comprehension is seriously lacking .....

The can size is like a 24 oz size - not the "normal" short, squat Bush's can, but the tall one.

Going back to Tejas for the weekend and having a ton of family over on Saturday night. I want to try it, but am a little leary. Can I get a confirmation other than B?
I did a halfed version of the recipe, extremely easy and very good. Thanks for the recipe B1-83. If something tastes good, why complain or try to make fun of it?
thanks dude, will have them tomorrow night....
The 4 serrano peppers don't make them too hot to they?

no def not...i just tried them out again for some people tonight and everyone loved them...

thanks again for the recipe B1...the easier the better in my book..
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