About half of the Czechs that settled in Texas were actually from Moravia. Many of them spoke a Lassky dialect of Czech. For example, most Czechs use the word "dnes" for "today", the Moravian dialect uses "dneskaj" pronounced NE-SKIY. The Czech words for boy is chlap or hoch...the Moravian is ogar. If you listen to the older folks, sometimes you can pick out the differences.
-Ukaz me pupek! (show me your pupek)
Yes, my family was mainly from Moravia... and my dad told us that it was fighting words to call someone Bohemian... kinda meant cheap, white trash, etc... Funny, now we like being called that.

Haha, I have been to Moravia, Tx before... actually saw Bill Pekar play there. Good times!
Another joke about Bohemians was....if someone called you a Bohemian you said, " I'm not a Bohemian; I'm Czech. Bohemians live in the country, Czechs live in town."
jpb1999 -
Nope, not Wilber. Clarkson, which is a decent clip north of Wilber. There's a huge Czech population in Nebraska and I was always in Clarkson for Czech Days, a heritage festival with a rodeo and carnival.

Pekny and Kucera stock here. We were Bohemes. Maybe the Moravians went to Texas while the Bohemes went to Nebraska?
"chicken sheat"

I know that one too - but can't spell it either.
i live with two czechs, they could be the gheyest people ever...they smell terrible
Maybe its you that smells!
This is fun.

Jesus of Mary (which is like swearing to oldtimers) = Jezis Maria /YAY-sheesh MA-ree-a/

Chickensh/t = kuzinec /KOO-shee-nets/

Beer (come on, we know this) = pivo /PEE-vo/

Quiet! Quiet! Sh/t is sleeping! = Budtje tiho, hovno spi /BOOT-ye TEE-ho! HOV-no SPEE/
My dad's side is all Czech. Mother is of German decent.

I'll contribute.


We are related some how down the line. My grandma was a patek, and my great grandfather was Joe Patek (from Joe Patek's Orchestra).
stupid red "X"
another czech checking in!

I'm surprised that there's no love here for Prasek's in Hillje SW of El Campo.

That place is AWESOME!

I will definitely agree with this comment!
yea but.............

where are the hottie pics?

inquiring minds want to know

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Pookbck, yep, we are distant relatives, as Joe Patek is also my great great grandfather. I'm from the Jerome part of the family. (The Patek reunion is in February, I think.)

You know what is funny, mostly the swear words seem to last the longest in the Czech vocabulary. Heh.

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Then again, my family were butchers, farmers and musicians, not so much bakers.

Mom was the baker... I prefer grandmas dough to mrs. gubas'
MouthBQ98 - My mother was a Holub as well. We used to have a family reunion every year that entailed a huge lunch. After everyone ate, we would all take a walk and we called it the Pigeon Trot~!

In the octagon hall near the Catholic Church?

What about Puscha? That's what the ladies have and men don't! hahaha...spelling should be correct.

Curak, Srat (or sratca) [sheeeeet (or little-sheeeet)], Prtz (fart)...

My Czech stepdad taught my daughter that her bellybutton was her pupek.

That's what it IS... it's a pupek!

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Best thread ever! Are there any Janak's or Sitka's out there?
Some Janaks go to my parent's Church in Cypress.

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Lots of czechs in Cypress it seems, my girlfriends family is all 100% czech and has been here a very long time.
dammit.........i like Eva
Jak to visi....short for = How's it hanging?
You have to know all the basics...

pevo ~ beer
spazchini ~ what happens to your crotch after a weekend of hunting in hot weather without showering
threz de niviets ~ "hit em in the n*ts"
kutacj - mine is quanson dollo

Got some Janak's living here where I am. All my relatives are around Rosenberg and Needville.

I heard that!

horky kalhotky jak je jdouci = Hot Panties How's it Going?

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I married a 100% Czech hottie

I did too from Schulenburg...Relatives in Halletsville, New Ulm & Cat Springs..

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If your grandmother never asked you to "show me your pupek", you must not be from a true Czech family. My Great Grandfather would fight you if you called him a bohunk or bohemian. He was adament that he was Moravian. I always hated jitrnice! My great grandparents rarely spoke English, so I picked up a lot of Czech as a kid, but lost most of it because I never continued to speak the language. My Grandmother would give me her Vestnik newspaper from the SPJST when I was a kid and it had Czech lessons in there every month. My grandmother and her sisters would speak Czech when they didn't want anyone to know what they were talking about, and they would always make me leave the room, because I knew enough to figure out who or what they were talking about.
SPJST - Some People Just Stand There

Honestly though, if anyone wants a good read, look for "We're Czechs" by Robert Skrabanek. He grew up in Snook area. Some of his stories related very well to the days back in Ennis. Including detailed descriptions of making jitrnice and saurkraut (both of which, even though from Czech parents all the way to great-grandparents, I refuse to eat).

Sauerkraut is an acquired taste. But it is pretty good on a sausage in a bun with some mustard on top.
Sauerkraut... only my grandpa eats that (and you Mouth) and he is an old Sour Kraut
I like it!
I love sauerkraut and klobase sausage on rye bread with mustard.

Try Greens Sausage House in Zabcikville (Hwy 53 east of Temple). Great kolaches (esp. poppyseed) and they now have sauerkraut and sausage kolaches.
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