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Howdy Ags!

Been applying and trying to move into MWD from mud logging for the last year or so. I've gotten some leads from Texags, but none of them have panned out. I usually go through the process of online applications, email resume about every couple months to see if anything new opens up.

I just got a response back from Weatherford for a MWD Trainee position out of Midland. I was just wondering if anybody works/worked for Weatherford and had thoughts on the company. Also, what are every bodies thoughts on a MWD trainee position? I've been mud logging for 18 months, and came from research marine biology prior to that.

If you have any recommendations or other leads, I'd appreciate those too.
I would be surprised if WFT wasn't bought by a big boy soon. Only thing stopping anyone is their accounting SNAFUs, debt, and lack of serious market share. There are much better places to be but I suppose it is a start. You'd likely be better off with one of the smaller shops out in West TX right now.

Could you recommend some? I've applied to all the places I can think of and find on internet searches.

I live in the Corpus area, have family in San Antonio and Killeen. I'm not opposed to working in a certain area within Texas.

Any help is appreciated. I'm mainly looking to get out of mud logging, for a few different reasons. No real potential for advancement (especially with current company), I'd like to earn a little bit more, and geology really isn't my thing.

My email is username @ gmail

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Must agree with KT here. Seems their Artificial Lift PSL is carrying the load out here. Try LEAM. Op.
Have sent resume to DDC, Leam, Crescent, MS, Pro Directional, etc.
Any thoughts on Baker in Odessa? Is it possible to live in Houston and work there?
Have you tried going into the offices of the smaller companies?
Baker(as most companies) will require you to be able to arrive on location within 24Hrs of being notified. Could be different out here considering how busy it is. They may want you to be in the region.
Haven't really been able to go to anywhere. I've been basically working non-stop since mid-Feb here in the Eagleford and I live in the Corpus area, and have commitments when I do get to come home. Does anybody know of any smaller companies with offices in Corpus. I know of at least 2, just haven't gotten a chance. Trying to be up during the day is tough when you've been working nights for almost 6 months straight.
Worked for Leam as an MWD over the past year. Good pay compared to teaching which I did for the previous 6 years. They specialize in taking folks inexperienced with O&G and "tossing them in the water" to sink or swim, so to speak. As an MWD you will get all on-the-job training and the learning curve is rather steep. But as for gaining experience in the field, its really hard to beat. You are on the rigs all the time, with very little breaks and no rotation. While there, you can learn as much or little as you want about most anyone else's job, if they are willing to show you. I was employed all over west, north, and south Texas and east LA. I will say that the schedule can be taxing on the social and personal life. I was home about 30 days out of the last year, which, from what I understand, was actually quite a lot for that position. So if you can handle to schedule, its not a bad gig. I walked in and handed them my resume in person and received a call within 5 days.
Do you still currently work for Leam? If not, what have you moved on to?
I currently work for WFT. I really like it. There is a lot of potential for the company and you can tell the company is now headed in the right direction. Look at the last earnings result. Yes the company has had some problems. Accounting being one of them. But they are being taken care of. Because the company has been in acquisition mode for the recent years they've had some growing pains, safety being one of them. However, the company has changed it's focus out of the growth mode into the execute mode. A lot of people are being brought in from all over the industry to take the company to the next level. We just implemented a new safety program last week. It will hopefully changed the culture in the company. Also, a lot of programs are being implemented in the supply chain side of the business that will bring cost down. I think right now it's a great time to be at WFT due to all the projects that are going on. This is what I believe and what I see first hand. You can obviously believe otherwise. The company is very undervalued and it can really only get better from here and it will.
Also just got a call from a wft recruiter for the same position in PA.

Wish I could get off this rig so that I could stop by some smaller shops in Houston and a couple places I know in Corpus.

If anybody has any contacts or could help get my resume in front of a coordinator or hiring manager, I'd appreciate it.

I'm not just into it for the money. Mwd/directional/well planning piqued my interest before I saw the salary.
Well-Planning shouldn't be out of reach, IMO. Baker seems to offer those positions with little requirement outside of being able to handle a bit of math and basic knowhow of directional drilling.
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