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Just checking to see if any one in here knows about flowback jobs. I have heard they make very good money and I have the opportunity to start one mon but the pay they are offering is pretty poor or I think it is. It's 2400 base plus basically $55 a day per diem. When your on location 24/7 it comes out to barely min wage working 3 weeks of the month and that's not calculating overtime. Is this the average for flowback in west texas? Or if any one has connections and hiring would like to hear from you. Thanks
Pay/hr is low, but the hours are HIgh, there is a lot of sitting around doing nothing, some crews get paid a lot of money to play video games in their trailer. So after all the overtime it is good money.
Average seems to be anywhere from 16-19/hr. Other companies offer a salary + day rate(anywhere from 100-150/day, IIRC).

Your description confuses me a little, though. Are they paying you a salary...and OT? Is this with a major service co?

Regardless, Flowback hands make good money for little work(except for rig-up). If you break down 75% of the gigs in the business to an hourly rate, they will look poor.

It's an excellent way to break into the production side of the business. My father has been in it for 30+ years.
Thanks for the replies. Yes they are paying 2400 salary plus 55 a day per diem. I was trying to break it down per hour and it not much considering your on location 24/7. That's what I'm trying to do get my foot in the door. Right now I work for a water trucking company so I deal with being on pads every day I want to have more hands on experience.
My brother did this on breaks during college. He got 11 an hour, a credit card to buy food for while he was out there and a company truck. He said he just watched movies the whole time or would go jogging on the roads and check some guages every hour. Said it was a lot worse in the winter cuz that's when things usually messed up

No overtime pay

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If that is 2400, bi-weekly, that is about average for someone that is green. Looking at the big picture, that is ~70k+ before taxes. You'll make 90+ in 2-3 years I'd wager.

Personally, if its even a semi-reputable company and the work interests you - take it until you find better(you will). While it's pretty simple, easy work...it's important and you can learn a lot from it.

IMO, If you take the gig and you get the time(and if they allow), tear down a Separator and learn it from the ground up. It will pay dividends when things get quirky.

That said, my old man may be able to help you out if the production side is where you want to establish a career.

I'll know more tomorrow when I meet him but that pay sounds more reasonable. We were on the phone when the pay was discussed and it sure sounded like base of 2400/month but maybe I misunderstood and its 2400 every 2 weeks. After looking up things that just didn't seem right at all. Anyways I appreciate your help. And yes I would be interested in talking to your dad about job possibilities.
You can't break it down hourly, like it has been said, its easy work, except rig up and rig down. Don't get fat, and their are a lot of companies looking to hire in South Texas.

Sundance flowback (I believe)

Some more as well.

"Christ almighty, it's like I'm sittin' here playing cards with my brother's kids or somethin' you nerve-wracking sons-of-b**ches."

So I just got done talking to him. It is 2400 base salary per month. Then there is a $30 a day bonus every day away from home and a $30 a day bonus for every day your on a site. Out 21 days and back 6 is the schedule they are looking at. From what you guys have said and what I have heard that is pretty bad pay. I told him I would let him know tomorrow but I doubt I take it. I make more now. Does any one have connections with another company? This one was called ark pressure data.
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