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April 18, 2012
In-studio: Talkin' golf, SEC move with Coach JT Higgins
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Notes from J.T. Higgins interview

* He loves Aggieland and wakes up thankful every day for the job he has.

* He’s very impressed with the basketball staff and their recruiting ability. He was also impressed with the way they stayed positive through the trials and tribulations of the season.

* Blue Bell Park reminds him of a triple-A ball park, and he should know because he was a GM of a triple-A team. He also really loves being able to have a beer at the game now, too.

* The baseball team is an exciting team to watch, and will be tested over the next two weeks. He’s been impressed with the way the team has manufactured runs this year. He loves the fact that in baseball, if you improve through the season, an early or midseason loss won’t kill you.

* The Aggie Invitational went for two years without a sponsor and was funded by him. After that, Traditions picked up the sponsorship, the tournament was able to pick up enough to where a sponsor isn’t needed anymore. The tournament is in its sixth year of existence.

* He recruited Tiger Woods and finished second in that battle.

* There are four new teams in the field this year, all from the Pac 12, and the other teams will be strong, too. A&M will be paired with Texas on the first day of the tournament.

* Texas is the only team in the country with 3 top-20 players. A&M however, is 1-1 against them thus far this season.

* Jordan Russell plays Traditions unbelievably well. He’s in first place in qualifying so far and shot a 70 yesterday. Most of the teams that come to Traditions like it because it’s not the easiest course and it prepares teams for the postseason.

* The Aggie Invitational is free and will start at 7:30 on Saturday morning.

* The course is set up pretty tough right now, but the members love it because they get a taste of what it is like to play on a tough course.

* This year’s team reminds him a lot of the 2009 team that won the national championship. The team is really strong throughout the lineup and even the young guys are performing better than expected.

* Johannes Veerman is coming back from an injury that occurred while playing with fireworks. He has come back way five weeks ahead of schedule and the doctors attribute it to his heart and toughness.

* The only thing that is different between this team and the 2009 national championship team is that that team won four tournaments prior to the championship while this team has only won one. This team is more consistent than that 2009 team, but just hasn’t been able to win quite as much.

* The SEC move is the greatest move ever. Even though some people are upset about breaking traditions and rivalries, this will help A&M vastly from a national perspective. He thinks that A&M will compete in every sport and has the pieces in place to do well across the board.
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