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April 01, 2014
Locker room chat: Jordan Jones after season ending loss to UConn
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On her overall thoughts of the game…
“I feel like we came out very strong. In the beginning, we executed the game plan to almost perfection. We didn’t execute on offense the way we should have and we really came out and controlled the first 10 minutes. Once Connecticut just settled down and ran their offense, they really just got into transition and our transition defense wasn’t all that.”

On what Connecticut did so well defensively…
“They were just switching up. They would go to a 2-3, a 3-2, a man, a box-and-one, 2-3 pressure trap, and a full court pressure. They constantly threw different things at us to make us think and I feel like that’s what really slowed us down a lot.”

On starting the second half strong…
“We knew that the last 10 minutes of the first half we didn’t quite play the way Texas A&M plays. Coach Blair talked to us at halftime and we really just settled down and came out more focused than we already were. The coaches were telling me that when I get the ball not to hesitate and just shoot it. When I did, they luckily went in and gave my team momentum. Connecticut is a very good team and made a run of their own.”

On playing against former teammate and UConn point guard Moriah Jefferson…
“For the most part it was strictly professional. We did have one encounter where we had a quick, friendly talk. She definitely motivates me, she always has. I know that she’s a very good point guard, but I’m a very good point guard as well. We both lead two pretty good teams. I noticed how she was running her team, and I tried to do my team better.”

On what she hopes to improve about her game this offseason…
“Being a consistent shooter. This year I was more of a streaky shooter. Once I hit one, I would continue to hit some, but if I was off, then I was missing. I feel like coming into next year if I get into the gym and work more on my shot and become a consistent shooter coming off screens and making more threes, then it can open up the floor for my teammates even more.”

On being a young team and possibly having better seasons ahead…
“Most definitely, we are a very young team. I feel like we got that taste of the atmosphere with this Elite Eight experience. Losing is never a good feeling, and this team has already felt what it’s like to lose. Coming in next year, we don’t want to feel this feeling again so we’re all just going to get in the gym and continue to work and develop our weaknesses.”

On what she will remember most about the senior class…
“Their leadership and their maturity. Those three could be big sisters and they could be mothers most of the time. It was a great feeling having them around because the rest of us are very young. Having them around and having that national championship experience, Cristina (Sanchez-Quintanar) playing multiple sports, it was just a great thing to have them around to mentor us on and off the court.”
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