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February 28, 2014
Spring Day 1: Sumlin, Ogbuehi, Everett tackle spring's start
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Kevin Sumlin
Cedric Ogbuehi
Deshazor Everett

Kevin Sumlin

  • Darian Claiborne and Isaiah Golden are suspended indefinitely.

  • Every program faces challenges. We do a great job of educating our players, but it's an ongoing process. There's not a coach out there that doesn't go to bed and worry about getting those phone calls.

  • Daeshon Hall and Jay Arnold won't practice this spring. Hall has had both shoulders operated on, with a couple tears; Arnold had his shoulder fixed. Claiborne had his shoulder fixed. Jarvis Harrison got his fixed. We got beat up a bit, but Jarvis will be back soon.

  • We return four out of the five offensive lineman from the bowl game and Garrett Gramling did a great job filling in for Harrison in the bowl game.

  • Avery Gennesy jumped in at right tackle and did some good things. He and Jermaine Eluemunor are going to help us and create some depth.

  • We have guys that look really good these first two days and then we put the plastic on and they disappear.

  • Cedric Ogbuehi, athletically, is ready for the next level. He's over 300 pounds and anchoring that line.

  • There's only four or five guys where we look up and know for sure that they are going to start. We have real battles at receiver; lost a lot of good players with Mike Evans and Labhart. We have a battle at running back with three quality guys and James White is in the middle of that. Sometimes it's more fun to watch these battles play out than knowing who is going to start.

  • I think Deshazor Everett has shown he can play both spots, but I think it hurts him when he does that. He's a really good corner.

  • I think there is a sense or urgency on the defense. I made a statement that said the door was wide open and if you want a position, go take it.

  • It was different not having Johnny out there. Matt Joeckel is steady and has some good leadership qualities. The two young guys got a lot of reps today.

  • The quarterbacks talk to each other and they're being competitive but not combatant. I was pleased today with their tempo and their signals.

Cedric Ogbuehi

  • A big reason I came back was to play left tackle. I had to show guys I can go both ways.

  • I've played right side my entire life, so the footwork is something I need to get used to over at the left side.

  • The other tackle spot is between Avery and Jermaine. It should be an interesting battle.

  • Between Luke, Jake and myself, I hope it shows tackles that this a good place to play.

  • The leadership comes from the guys who have had game time experience.

  • The offense is still going to be fast-paced and explosive.

  • We hope that guys are smart. The guys know they messed up (with the legal situation). We're going to get through this. It's a team effort. We'll stand behind each other when things like this happen.

  • The left tackle has been a prestigious spot the last couple years. It's an honor for me to play at that spot.

Deshazor Everett

  • They are going to have me at one position this year — cornerback — because that's where Coach thinks I'm best suited and can develop the best.

  • Staying at one spot will help me in the future. It keeps me comfortable and confident to contribute to the defense better.

  • If they want me to play safety at the next level, I will focus on safety later on. Right now I am a corner.

  • Howard Matthews is a different player now under Coach Joseph. He's been vocal and going hard every play.

  • Floyd Raven is understanding the defense a little better.

  • I learned from my incident in the past and I carry myself differently off the field now.

  • Noel Ellis is going to step up and be what Toney Hurd was last year, a vocal leader and a playmaker.

  • I can't say I am THE leader, but I am one of the leaders. Guys look up to me on this team.

  • Speedy Noil is adjusting to the speed change and I can see his potential. Once he gets the offense down you'll see some things from him that are spectacular.
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