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Kevin Sumlin
Gabe Bock  -  Monday's edition of TexAgs Radio featured the GO Hour with Olin Buchanan in hour one. Hours two heard from Billy Liucci, while hour three included Liucci, Edward Aschoff, Ronnie Woodard, and Sarah Davis.
Billy Liucci  -  If there were any questions about Kevin Sumlin's team or his program — and there were — they're gone. Using USC as its unfortunate victim, Texas A&M sent a message to the rest of the SEC on Thursday night.
Gabe Bock  -  The Aggies' overwhelming victory produced storylines and stars aplenty and shook up the outlook for the rest of the season, something Kevin Sumlin and his players discussed following Thursday night's result.
Billy Liucci  -  A loss in Columbia wouldn't be a season- or program-killer, but the magnitude of a victory would resonate nationwide. If a quietly confident A&M team walks out with a win, a very bright future may arrive now.
Gabe Bock  -  Thursday's edition of TexAgs Radio featured Olin Buchanan and Mike Huguenin in hour one. Hour two heard Texas country artist Dub Miller, while hour three featured The Fan Show with a cameo from the ever popular SEC Guy.
TexAgs Studios  -  The long offseason is over at last. Eight days stand between Texas A&M and South Carolina, with a head start in the SEC race hanging in the balance. A&M's players and coaches broke it down on Wednesday.
Ronnie Woodard  -  The long-awaited news dropped in Aggieland on Saturday: A&M has a QB1. Sort of. Kevin Sumlin spoke to the media about how and why competition will continue, what led to the decision and both QBs' next step.
Olin Buchanan  -  The battle for starting quarterback isn't concluded, according to Kevin Sumlin. For now, however, Texas A&M will head to South Carolina with a slight bit of experience under center and confidence in its starter.
Billy Liucci  -  There are two things Aggies know after the competition that was essentially too close to call: Kenny Hill will lead the offense when A&M opens up ... and Kyle Allen may already be among the SEC's best backups.
Olin Buchanan  -  Shaan Washington's injury, confirmed by Kevin Sumlin on Monday evening, deals a blow to a unit needing consistency. A&M is equipped with pieces to recover — it's merely a matter of putting them together.
Olin Buchanan  -  The charge toward the season continues with several competitions still in a dead heat. While much is yet to be settled, a few Aggies caught A&M coach Kevin Sumlin's eye in the first of the team's fall scrimmages.
Gabe Bock  -  Quarterback play, offensive pace and early psurprises were among the several things Texas A&M's head coach touched on with the media on Saturday after his first look at the '14 team in live scrimmage action.
Gabe Bock  -  Thursday's edition of TexAgs Radio featured the GO Hour with Olin Buchanan and Mike Huguenin in hour one. Hour two heard A&M football director of player development Mikado Hinson, while hour three featured David Sandhop.
Gabe Bock  -  Elite talent along the line is a given in Aggieland these days, but the depth B.J. Anderson is now working with is new. The A&M OL coach, joined by returning starters and Kevin Sumlin, explained the plan on Wed.
Gabe Bock  -  Tuesday's edition of TexAgs Radio featured Olin Buchanan in hour one. Hour two heard Rusty Burson and Caleb Russell, while hour three featured Sumlin and Trey Williams audio, Russ Mitchell, and Stewart Wade.
Gabe Bock  -  While the Aggies' head man sizes up the results of three days of work, A&M linebackers coach Mark Hagen and his senior leader at the SAM spot are candid about the need for a major rebound — and how to do it.
Gabe Bock  -  Monday's edition of TexAgs Radio featured Olin Buchanan in hour one. Hour two heard David Sandhop and Kevin Sumlin audio, while hour three featured Billy Liucci and A&M strength and conditioning coach Larry Jackson.
Ronnie Woodard  -  On Friday, the A&M football team kicked off 2014 with the year's first practice. After, Kevin Sumlin commented on how the NCAA's new rule regarding summer interaction affected the session and more.
Gabe Bock  -  The Aggie head coach met with the media on Friday to reveal his thoughts on the roster entering fall practices, how the players looked after the offseason, his plans for the month of August and more.
Gabe Bock  -  On the eve of the Aggie football program's reveal — first to the players, then the media — of the stunning upgrades to the Bright Complex and locker room, Kevin Sumlin explained the past, the future and the plan.
Cavender Neutze  -  The offseason's end is mere days away, an occasion marked on Monday evening with the Aggie head coach's question-and-answer session in the MSC Ballroom — covering the defense, leadership and more.
Billy Liucci  -  Not unlike two years ago, Texas A&M headed to Hoover to face abundant questions about the quarterback position and defense. The difference on Tuesday was an underlying acknowledgement of the future.
Olin Buchanan  -  We don't know who will start Texas A&M's game against South Carolina on August 28. What we do know is that the body of evidence strongly suggests either one is likely to put up sizable numbers before long.
TexAgs Studios  -  Texas A&M made a splash in Hoover on Tuesday, with leaders from all three units joining a typically lively media session from Kevin Sumlin. TexAgs presents video of the internet room interviews in their entirety.
Olin Buchanan  -  Texas A&M leapt onto the SEC scene and into national prominence way ahead of schedule. The trend has followed in recruiting, where Kevin Sumlin's staff is cleaning up. With the 2015 class, the sky is the limit.
Olin Buchanan  -  Denials coming out of Austin don't forestall the Aggies' dominance on the recruiting trail, which only picked up when summer hit. While Longhorns are living in the past, Kevin Sumlin is building a likely juggernaut.
Olin Buchanan  -  The Aggies' move to the SEC was sure to open the state's best prospects up to getting snagged by other conference teams, many contended. Early returns show those projections may have been too general.
Billy Liucci  -  As if it were that easy, Kevin Sumlin's staff offset Tuesday's bad news with a Wednesday reminder that they do indeed run the state. But there's more: Kingsley Keke's verbal adds another SEC-worthy prospect.
Olin Buchanan  -  Though they were two of A&M's brightest young stars on D, arrests on charges of aggravated robbery put the sophomores' disciplinary issues over the top and the University announced their dismissal on Tuesday.
Olin Buchanan  -  Texas A&M is recruiting at a level it's never seen, and the resulting excitement among Aggies is more than justified. Just remember, Olin Buchanan writes, there's more to a prospect than what services rate him.
Billy Liucci  -  The legacy of Texas A&M's three first-rounders, the potential for more, big moves in recruiting, an Aggie quarterback network across the state and the 'House that Johnny Built' controversy — all in one update.
Gabe Bock  -  Tuesday's edition of TexAgs Radio featured the GO Hour with Olin Buchanan in hour one. Hour two heard Rusty Burson and former A&M safety Tommy Maxwell, while hour three featured Brice Jones and a two-part, pre-recorded interview with Kevin Sumlin.
Billy Liucci  -  What will make the offseason a successful one? It's the ultimate question, tackled by A&M's head coach in the second part of his sit-down alongside defensive concerns, off-field trouble, workouts and the Draft.
Billy Liucci  -  Is the next generation of Aggie stars on the way? It has to be, Texas A&M's head man insists. In the first half of a detailed sit-down talk with Billy Liucci, Sumlin took inventory of all three phases of the game.
Olin Buchanan  -  One of college football's most legendary coaches made a well-known stop in College Station on his way to Alabama, an occasion that will now be memorialized by the contract he once signed to coach the Aggies.
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